EA FC 24 players reveal dream changes to completely fix the game

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Despite being a commercial success, EA FC 24 was greeted with a lukewarm reception by players. Many fans feel that the game is riddled with issues, and a recent Reddit post has listed a set of changes to improve its state.

EA FC 24 ushered in a new era for EA Sports’ yearly football-sim franchise. The game retained all of the series’ hallmarks with the exception of the FIFA label, as EA chose to go it alone. Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and other fan favorites returned along with a set of new features to freshen up the experience.

Initial impressions for EA FC 24 were relatively solid as the game drew praise from critics and quickly gathered a strong player base. However, the general opinion among fans kicked off on a mixed note and has only worsened since.

Many players online have voiced their complaints about the core gameplay experience. Even notable figures within the community have expressed their displeasure with the game’s balancing among other things. The devs are yet to address these fan complaints which has only amplified the disappointment within the community.

Atletico de Madrid Leicy Santos dribbling EA FC 24EA Sports
EA FC 24’s gameplay has attracted divisive opinions from players.

A Reddit user by the name of ‘Nonytzele’ even took it upon themselves to list out a set of fixes that the “community wants.” They mentioned widespread issues such as 71 depth being overpowered, to quality of life changes like the ability to evolve multiple players at once. Other suggestions included better rewards, menu stability, and nerfing the defensive capabilities of players with a low defense stat.

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The list also had a potential punishment for players who quit while the scores are level during Division Rivals or Champions matches. Instead of classifying the result as a draw, the user recommended that the forfeiting player be handed a loss.

The problems mentioned by the user seemed to resonate with the community as the post quickly gained traction. In response, players agreed with the complaints and expressed their support for the changes.

One user said, “The 71 depth is the biggest killer of the game by a mile. I make no exaggeration when I say it has ruined gameplay entirely.” Another stated, “Man I had a person quit in the 119th minute when giving up a pen this weekend. So pissed.”

It remains to be seen if any of the mentioned issues will be addressed by the devs in a future patch or update.

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