Is EA FC 24 on Xbox Game Pass?

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EA FC 24 has brought several new features to the famed franchise, but many players are wondering if the popular football game is on Xbox’s subscription service. So here’s everything you need to know about EA FC 24 on Xbox Game Pass.

EA FC 24 has gained a lot of popularity because of all the new features it offers, including tons of updates and improvements in Ultimate Team as well as Career Mode. The game also brings many technological and quality-of-life updates that vastly improve the gameplay experience and classic game modes such as Pro Clubs are now loaded with much-needed upgrades.

However, one thing that many fans question is EA FC 24’s availability on Xbox Game Pass. So, here is everything you need to know about whether EA FC 24 is available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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Ederson is one of the highest-rated goalkeepers in EA FC 24.

Is EA FC 24 on Xbox Game Pass?

EA FC 24 is not on the Xbox Game Pass. However, through the Ultimate membership of Xbox Game Pass, players have access to EA Play.

If we look at past editions of the FIFA franchise or just any other EA Sports releases, we can see that while they’re usually not available at launch after several months, each of them eventually arrives on Xbox Game Pass. So, players can go check out the trial version mentioned above, and keep hoping that EA FC 24 comes to Game Pass in the future.

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