Will there be an EA FC 24 Community TOTS?

Nathan Warby
Vini Jr in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 Team of the Season is finally here, but players are wondering if the fan-voted Community TOTS is making its return. Here’s everything we know about whether an EA FC 24 Community TOTS is on the cards.

Team of the Season is one of the biggest events on the Ultimate Team promo calendar, and this hasn’t changed during EA FC 24. The campaign lets fans vote for the best players in major leagues like the Premier League and Bundesliga and usually kicks off with the Community TOTS squad.

So, will there be a Community TOTS in EA FC 24? Here’s everything we know.

Is there a Community TOTS in EA FC 24?

No, there won’t be a Community TOTS squad in EA FC 24 this year. EA Sports confirmed this on the last devs blog where they announced the release schedule for the entire Team of the Season promo, and everyone noticed the absence of the Community squad.

Up until FIFA 23, fans would be asked to vote for the top performers from every major league that hadn’t quite made the cut in the full league squads. However, it seems that this traditional process will no longer be carried out in EA FC.

This confirms that the arrival of the TOTS Live squad replaced the always-present Community TOTS. However, fans of EA FC 24 can still participate in the voting for the teams of the top leagues.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about whether EA FC 24 will include a community TOTS. For more on EA FC 24, check out our other guides:

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