EA Sports FC dev explains what to expect from Ultimate Team Evolutions

Franco Diaz
Vini Jr, Haaland and Sam Kerr in EA Sports FC 24EA Sports

If you’re still wondering about the role that Evolutions will play in Ultimate Team, you should read below because an EA Sports FC 24 developer has spoken and explained how Evolutions will impact the Ultimate Team meta.

EA Sports FC 24 developers have revealed a wealth of information regarding the exciting brand-new installment of EA Sports. The devs unveiled all the new features of the franchise’s most popular game modes.

Among the plenty of announcements about Ultimate Team, we have seen new features such as PlayStyles, the arrival of Women’s Football, and the highly anticipated Ultimate Team Evolutions dynamic.

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Now, it’s time to focus on this last feature because an EA Sports FC developer has spoken about Evolutions and explained how they expect the featyre to impact the meta of Ultimate Team.

ea sports fc 24 ultimate edition coverEA Sports
In EA Sports FC 24 you will able to build your Ultimate Team squad with players from around the world.

Evolutions will impact EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team meta

In an interview with Dexerto, EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Senior Producer, Gareth Reeder explained how he thinks that Evolutions will impact the Ultimate Team meta.

“There are players who people love, favorite players that at different times of the year aren’t in the meta,” started Reeder. “So I think Evolutions is a really good place for people to think, ‘Hey, this Evolution is going to give these changes to position or PlayStyles, what player do I have that fits into that?'”

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“Ultimate Team starts at launch and goes on a journey through the year in terms of that progression curve,” he explained. “We want to make sure that Evolutions also fits into that so that we can match the balance each season as we go forward.”

Moukoko card in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate TeamEA Sports
With EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions, you’ll able to improve your favorite players’ stats, skills, and PlayStyles.

Finally, Reeder continued and mentioned that he hopes the Evolution dynamics will allow fans to keep their favorite players throughout the season, even as new promos arrive.

The true impact of Evolutions will be seen in the months following the release of EA Sports FC 24. It is expected that the dynamic of keeping your favorite players on the team even when they are not performing well in the season will be well received.

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