Leak reveals new EA Sports FC Ultimate Team traits system

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According to leaks, EA Sports FC will overhaul the traits system in the new and improved version of the fan-favorite Ultimate Team mode, so here’s an overview of the expected changes.

EA Sports and FIFA have put an end to their long-standing partnership which will see the rise of EA Sports FC. The new title will take over from the FIFA series as EA Sports usher in a new era for the football sim franchise.

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Despite the new branding, players can expect EA Sports FC to deliver the classic collection of authentic stadiums, leagues, and licenses that the series is known for. In addition, new features will debut in EA Sports FC as the devs look to breathe new life into the franchise.

According to leaks, one of these new features is an overhaul of the traits system in EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Team.

Leaked changes to EA Sports FC traits system explained

Reliable leaker FutSheriff has revealed that EA Sports FC will introduce major changes to the traits system in Ultimate Team.

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If leaks come to fruition, EA Sports FC will revolutionize the traits system by turning them into Transfer Market items that can be applied to players. In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, traits are hidden skills that some players have and put to use on the pitch. They cannot be altered, added, or changed in any way, but this could change in EA Sports FC.

The new system would be similar to the way Chemistry Styles currently work in FIFA 23.

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Sheriff explains that “the goal is to create new levels of Player authenticity! More unique players! Most will have unique animations and noticeable gameplay benefits! Providing new behaviors and boosts that were not possible on FIFA 23.”

Ultimately, the new system should give EA Sports FC fans of Ultimate Team more creative control over how their players perform on the pitch.

Traits are expected to be divided into the seven following categories:

  • Scoring
  • Passing
  • Defending
  • Dribbling
  • Physical
  • Goalkeeping
  • Ultimate Team specific gameplay

According to leaks, these new traits will be available on the Transfer Market. While most will offer individual players “gameplay benefits and unique animations,” some will be team oriented: “specific traits such as “Team Spiriting” that gives stamina boost on all team players.”

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EA Sports FC logo on black flagEA Sports FC is expected to overhaul several aspects of the franchise.

EA Sports FC new traits leaked

Sheriff’s leak also included some of the new traits that the devs are reportedly testing:

  • Team Captain: Boosts low chem players (0 gain +1, 1 gain +2)
  • League Star: Gives +1 boost to all players in their league
  • Lone Wolf: +2 or +3 boost to players with no team or country-mates
  • Team Spirit: All team players have a stamina boost
  • Super Sub: Player will come from the bench with full chem
  • Flexible: Player will automatically change to the position based on where they are placed

In FIFA 23, many were disappointed with the aggressive OVR-curve that saw overpowered cards take over the meta too early in the game’s cycle, making the majority of cards in the game useless and devoid of value.

This new trait system could be a method to counteract that problem in EA Sports FC. It could act as a way to temporarily boost the performance of certain cards and eliminate the need to see broken cards impact the meta straight away.

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Image Credit: EA Sports