EA FC 24 PlayStyles feature: All new traits explained

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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 has a bunch of new features such as PlayStyles that focus on realistic gameplay. If you want to make the most of your players’ real-life skills and traits, here’s a detailed guide on the PlayStyles feature in EA FC 24 and all traits.

EA FC 24 continues to offer the classic FIFA gameplay that fans have been enjoying for decades, but the rebranded title also features a bunch of new features and upgrades to existing modes. Among these is the inclusion of women’s players in the Ultimate Team mode and the option for players to use PlayStyles for real-life player traits and skills in their squad.

EA have added the signature styles of several popular players to EA FC 24, and learning about these PlayStyle traits can be crucial for you to gain an edge over your opponents.

So, here’s everything to know about PlayStyles in EA FC 24, including how they work, and all the traits alongside their effects.

What are PlayStyles in EA FC 24?

In EA FC 24, PlayStyles are dynamic traits and abilities that are reflections of real-life player skills. EA Sports have partnered with Opta, and by using their analytical data, EA FC 24 integrates players’ signature styles into the game, enabling their fans to build stronger squads based on their knowledge of how these players play in real life.

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EA FC 24 will overhaul several aspects of the franchise.

All EA FC 24 PlayStyle traits: Categories & effects

More than 30 PlayStyle traits are available in EA FC 24, divided into six categories: Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeper. Each trait also has a PlayStyle+ variation, which will have the same effect as the regular PlayStyle but greatly improved. For example, it can provide significantly improved accuracy on shots or passes.

Here is every EA FC 24 trait with each PlayStyle effect:

Scoring Traits

  • Power Shot: Performs power shots faster and with increased speed
  • Dead Ball: Set pieces are delivered with increased speed, curve, and accuracy. Ball trajectory preview line is longer
  • Chip Shot: Performs chip shots faster and with greater accuracy
  • Finesse Shot: Performs finesse shots faster with additional curve and improved accuracy
  • Power Header: Performs headers with increased power and accuracy
Dead Ball PlayStyle differences in EA FC 24.
The ball trajectory preview line is longer with a better Dead Ball PlayStyle badge in EA FC 24.

Passing Traits

  • Pingued Pass: Through Passes are more accurate, Swerve Passes are delivered with more curve, and precision Passes travel faster to the destination
  • Incisive Pass: Passes travel faster along the ground without impacting the trapping difficulty of the receiver
  • Long Ball Pass: Lob and Lofted Through Passes are more accurate, travel faster, and are more difficult to intercept
  • Tiki Taka: Executes difficult first-time Ground Passes with high accuracy, using backheels when contextually appropriate. Short distance Ground Passes are highly accurate
  • Whipped Pass: All crosses are highly accurate, travel faster, and with more curve.
TikiTaka PlayStyle effect in EA FC 24
This is the difference between short passes with and without the TikiTaka PlayStyle in EA FC 24.

Ball Control Traits

  • First Touch: Reduces error when trapping the ball and can transition to dribbling faster with greater control
  • Flair: Fancy Passes and shots are performed with improved accuracy. Performs Flair animations when contextually appropriate.
  • Press Proven: Keeps close control of the ball while dribbling at jog speed and can shield the ball more effectively from stronger opponents
  • Rapid: Reaches a higher sprint speed while dribbling and reduces chances of an error when sprinting or performing knock-ons
  • Technical: Reaches a higher speed when performing Controlled Sprint and performs wide turns while dribbling with more precision
  • Trickster: Grant the ability to perform unique flick Skill Moves

Check out the difference between ball control with and without First Touch PlayStyle:

Defending Traits

  • Block: Increased reach when performing blocks and improved ability to make a successful block
  • Bruiser: Greater strength when performing physical tackles
  • Intercept: Increased reach and improved chances of retaining possession of the ball when performing interceptions
  • Jockey: Increased max speed of Sprint Jockey and improved transition speed from jockey to sprint.
  • Slide Tackle: Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a slide tackle
  • Anticipate: Improved chances of standing tackle success and grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a standing tackle

Check out the difference between anticipations with and without Anticipate PlayStyle:

Physical Traits

  • Acrobatic: Performs volleys with improved accuracy and has access to acrobatic volley animations
  • Aerial: Performs higher jumps and has improved aerial physical presence
  • Trivela: Contextually triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots
  • Relentless: Reduces fatigue loss during play and increases fatigue recovery during half time
  • Quick Step: Accelerates faster during an explosive sprint
  • Long Throw: Performs throw-ins with increased power to cover a greater distance

Check out the difference between throw-ins with and without Long Throw PlayStyle:

Goalkeeper Traits

  • Far Throw: BAG (Be a Goalkeeper) Players will have increased reach and handling closer to the end of a match
  • Footwork: BAG players will have increased reactions and speed in 1v1 situations
  • Cross Claimer: BAG players will have increased reflexes and reactions during opposing set pieces
  • Rush Out: BAG players will have increased speed when running
  • Far Reach: BAG players are more effective at saving shots from outside the box with increased reach and jumping
  • Quick Reflexes: BAG players have increased reflexes and reactions when saving shots from inside the box

Remember that the top players will be able to use a unique PlayStyle+ trait, which will have a similar effect but greatly enhanced.

That’s all you need to know about EA FC 24 PlayStyles. For more about the new EA Sports installment, take a look at some of our guides:

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