Diablo 4 Traveler’s Prayer: How to give thanks at the shrine

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Diablo 4 Sanctuary’s is filled with cryptic mini-quests that are very easy to solve once you find the correct answer. The Traveler’s Prayer is one of those quests, so here’s how to give thanks at the shrine in order to complete its puzzle.

Wanderers in Diablo 4 will find several mini-quests that can be solved after unlocking curious short puzzles. The Traveler’s Prayer is one of those missions in the early game that won’t require players to wander around Sanctuary’s map but will give you precious items as its reward.

If you’re in the mood to try a quest that doesn’t involve killing half of Santuary’s demonic population, you can try this one out. Here’s everything to complete the Traveler’s Prayer quest and how to give thanks at the shrine.

Diablo 4: Where to find the Traveler’s Prayer quest

In order to start the Traverler’s Prayer quest in Diablo 4, you’ll have to visit The Hog’s Head in Yelesna. This place is located in the south of the Fractured Peaks region, and you must be Level +7 to activate it.

Diablo 4 Traveler's Prayer quest
You’ll find the Traveler’s Prayer quest in The Hog’s Head pub in Yelesna.

When walking into The Hog’s Head, you’ll be able to see a lot of items sitting on a table. Among them, there’ll be a letter that says: “From Yelesna, I set out on my pilgrimage. I offered thanks at a roadside shrine and received a blessing for my journey…”

After reading it, you’ll need to head to the shrine that the Pilgrim speaks of and try to give thanks to it to get your reward.

Diablo 4: How to complete the Traveler’s Prayer quest

After picking up the Traveler’s letter, you can head north after the marker that will appear on your map. When finding the Shrine at the end of the road, you’ll need to say “Thanks” from the Emote wheel. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Approach the shrine.
  2. Press the Up button on the D-Pad or press “E” in your keyboard to bring up the emote menu.
  3. Find the “thanks” emote and use it.
  4. The “thanks” emote is available to all players by default. But if it’s not assigned, you can push the Customize button and assign it to an empty slot.

After you say “Thanks” to the Shrine, the Pilgrim’s Supplies will drop at your feet, as well as an Elixir Cache. You’ll also receive +20 Fractured Peaks Renown.

And there you go, that’s everything you needed to know to complete the Traveler’s Prayer quest in Diablo 4. For more guides, you can check our articles below:

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