Diablo 4 solo players share ‘easiest’ way to farm materials

Emily Stander
Varshan in Diablo 4

Farming materials in Diablo 4 can be a mission, and it can be even worse if you are trying to do it solo. It is possible, though, and players have shared some suggestions for how it can be less of a pain. 

Materials in Diablo 4 are a kind of reward to upgrade and craft gear, so there is no real point where you won’t need them. Most mats can be farmed all over the world, but some like Scattered Prism, are a little harder to find

These mats that only drop from bosses can be really challenging to get for solo players. In fact, players have previously acknowledged that the difference between farming mats for groups and solo players is worlds apart. 

“It seems like getting the materials is a tedious task when playing solo,” ‘k00ba83’ posted on Reddit. “Living steel from Helltides to get Shards of Agony from Grigoire, then few runs of Tree of Whispers to get all mats to summon Varshan to get Mucus-Slick Eggs, only to summon Duriel for a (most of the time) worthless reward?” 

The OP seemed to be struggling and went on to ask others if they have any advice for players who are trying to farm mats solo. Thankfully, other Diablo 4 fans had some answers that could make the lives of solo players a little easier. 

“Farm Helltide for the first 20 minutes each hour to get the living steel – then do Whispers for the next 40 minutes until the next Helltide,” one player explained. 

Another player shared a list of ways to farm mats for solo players that could make the grind a little less tedious. “It’s a whole lot of running around that groups don’t have to do. It sucks. It is always tedious if solo, which is a big problem imo. They made it so easy for groups yet there are about zero social features in the game,” they said. 

They then went on to explain their own process. Essentially, you need to complete all Living Steel chests as quickly as you can while running Helltides. Then, run Whispers for the rest of the Helltide and wait for new Living Steel chests to spawn. Once you’re done, kill Varshan and Grigorie, kill Duriel, and then repeat the process.

While there are no plans so far for making farming mats in Diablo 4 easier for players, there are some solutions to making the process a little easier for those who prefer to play away from groups. 

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