Diablo 4 players beg devs for simple solution to “forced” rotations

Emily Stander
Duriel in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Farming Duriel with a group in Diablo 4 tends to yield more rewards, but it means you have to find other players to join you. Some are not fond of this mechanic, especially because of the lack of a group finder in the game. 

Diablo 4 endgame bosses are one of the most reliable sources for Uniques, and as a result, players tend to farm them over and over again for the chance of one of these items dropping. 

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Rotations are a kind of mechanic brought on by players as a solution to finding others who get four attempts at dropping these items each time a boss is summoned. This method gives players a higher chance of finding Uniques. 

It’s not a perfect solution, though, as some players have pointed out. Issues with rotations (or “rotas,” as fans named them) usually come in when you are faced with scammers who try and trick you into giving them all your materials or showing up with no materials themselves, hoping others will have enough to summon the boss. 

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One player took to Reddit to talk about a solution to this problem. “Make Uber Unique drop rates higher in solo. Maybe double it to 4%. This way, there’s still a bit of [an] advantage to grouping, sure, but it’s not as steep, and soloing becomes viable,” ‘HeelyTheGreat’ posted. 

Players in the comments felt that a solution like this would be ideal for those who don’t want to rely on rotas. Others felt that the problem would go away if Blizzard added a group finder to Diablo 4

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As one fan put it, “Forced groups wouldn’t be much of an issue if this 2024 AAA game actually had a group finder for it.” However, a group finder would only fix the issue of trying to find players to farm bosses, though, and some still don’t want to have to rely on others for higher reward drops. 

In fact, Diablo 4 fans mentioned that the real issue was having to use materials to summon bosses. “I would prefer Duriel have 50x less chance of dropping Ubers and just be able to fight him normally, rather than having to go kill 100 other things before I can fight him once,” a fan commented. 

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This would solve the problem of having other players steal your materials or showing up with none themselves, which are the main issue players have mentioned when talking about rotas. 

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