Diablo 4 players split over having to actually farm Gold in Season 4

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Greed Shrine

While some players feel that the rate you earn Gold in Diablo 4 Season 4 is perfectly fine, others are somewhat concerned by it.

Prior to Diablo 4 Season 4, players had a hard time spending all the Gold that they earned from the various activities that the game has to offer.

However, with the new update, almost everything in Diablo 4 requires you to spend a considerable amount of Gold, and many players have reacted positively to the change.

In a Reddit post by ‘IndecisiveGrapefruit‘, players shared their opinions on the current state of Gold in the game. A player commented, “I love that it matters now, it’s a welcome headache” while another said, “I was actually farming gold earlier today, FARMING GOLD. Crazy I love it.”

While most of them felt that Gold was actually in a good place and were glad that everything had a higher price tag, others were concerned about the rate at which you earn this currency.

A player replied to the post by saying, “Not really. I can’t afford anything and I’m not even level 100 and into hardcore gear rerolls yet.”

Now, if you’re still in World Tier 2, and are yet to migrate to World Tier 3, you may have noticed that killing monsters doesn’t drop the amount of Gold that it previously used to.

The only place where you get copious amounts of Gold is when you open the Whisper caches. The same holds true for higher World Tiers too.

Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4
You can open Whisper caches at the Tree of Whispers.

While Nightmare Dungeons are a good place for you to farm Glyph XP, they don’t drop enough Gold. So, technically the only two sources from which you get this currency in Diablo 4 are from the Whisper caches and by selling all the items that you don’t need.

To Masterwork a single item all the way to level 12 in Diablo 4, you’ll need around 14 Million Gold, and that is without considering the Tempering costs and the Enchanting costs.

Despite the two sources that are currently available, the amount is still high, and players believe that adjusting the Gold economy in the game could improve the situation.

Players feel that a possible solution to this would be to increase the Gold drop rates in the Nightmare Dungeons. Although they’re difficult to complete, having boosted Gold drop rates within them would give players a proper reason to run them and would technically not make Glyph XP farming a chore.