Diablo 4 players share best tips & tricks to farm rare resources

Emily Stander
Necromancer and his minions in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has a variety of resources you need to find for gear upgrades, and some are easier to get hold of than others. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to find everything you need.

Diablo 4 players are constantly on the lookout for valuable resources like Resplendent Sparks, Stygian Stones, and more general materials like herbs and gold for crafting. Especially with the massive changes to loot in Season 4, the grind can get overwhelming.

Season 4 brought in a lot of new resources to craft and upgrade gear, and a lot of these (like Sparks and Stygian Stones) are extremely rare throughout the world. That’s not to say it’s impossible, as farming world bosses and completing quests and challenges usually do the trick.

The problem is knowing what to focus on for the particular resource you are lacking. Thankfully, one player has shared some tips for how to find the resources you need. 

“If you lack any of those, do these,” ‘mathefff’ shared on Reddit

  • For gold, do Whispers
  • For Herbs, do Legions.
  • For Scattered Prisms, farm world bosses.
  • For Hearts to summon Blood Maiden, spend Cinders and open chests.
  • For Gem Fragments, use a Level 90+ character to farm them
  • For Stygian Stones, use an alt character and farm Iron Wolves reputation in Blood Maiden events.
Uber Lillith in Diablo 4
The first time you kill Uber Lillith in each season will earn you one Resplendent Spark.

When it comes to Resplendant Sparks, the best way to farm them is by completing the season questline and defeating Uber Lillith. You can even make alt characters and complete the season questline again for more Sparks.

Some players have reported that they did not receive a Spark once they defeated Uber Lillith for the first time in the season, but this might be because you’ve already received it. 

In the 1.4.1 patch notes, the devs said, “Anyone who has killed Echo of Lilith in any season will receive a Resplendent Spark this season. In future seasons, you will have to defeat her again to get one.”

This was implemented to combat the issues players were facing previously where they did not get the Spark. So, make sure to check if you’ve got it after defeating Uber Lillith. Otherwise, get back to the grind, and make sure you know where to find the resources you need.

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