Diablo 4 Uber Unique farming is about to get easier in Season 4

Amitesh Dhar
Andariel the Maiden of Anguish in Diablo 4

Farming Uber Uniques in Diablo 4 has been a very tedious process so far, but the process looks like it’s going to get a lot easier in Season 4.

In Diablo 4, Uber Uniques are a common addition to every build. While not exactly necessary, these pieces of gear increase the efficiency of a build to a great degree. Despite dedicated farming methods, getting these Uber Uniques is difficult because of their low drop rates and high material cost.

However, Uber Unique farming in Diablo 4 is set to become much easier in Season 4, based on changes detailed by the developers during the Loot Reborn stream.

Starting in Season 4, you’ll be able to summon the Tormented variants of the Endgame Bosses. While they’ll cost three times the summoning materials, you’ll receive five times the rewards that you would receive when defeating their regular variants.

To put it into context, in Seasons 2 and 3, you had to kill Varshan and Grigoire twice to get one set of summoning mats for Duriel. This boss has a 2% Uber Unique drop rate in Diablo 4, so on average, you’d get one Uber Unique every 50 runs.

Popular Diablo 4 content creator Wujido shared a few calculations showing how this would change in Season 4. For every Tormented Varshan and Grigoire summon, you’ll need three times the materials, but you’ll receive five times the rewards, and they have a 0.5% chance of dropping an Uber Unique.

If you farm them for 10 rounds, you’ll get enough material to fight Duriel 8 times, but you’ll also receive 0.25 Uber Uniques on average.

Duriel still has the 2% drop rate, but you’ll get 40 times the reward for fighting the Tormented version of him 8 times, which gives you an average of 0.8 Uber Uniques per run.

For every Varshan + Grigoire + Duriel combination that you do, you’ll receive an Uber Unique on average. Yes, this is entirely governed by RNG, but the odds have improved in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Blizzard has further clarified in the Loot Reborn video that apart from their regular sources, all Boss summon materials barring Andariel and Duriel will drop from random locations too, making the overall process of Uber Unique farming a tad bit easier.

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