Best builds for The Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Lilith

The Gauntlet in Diablo 4 is a weekly static dungeon that serves as an endgame activity, so here are the best builds that will help you clear it easily.

The best builds for the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4 are the ones with high mobility and insane ad-clearing abilities. Since the layout of the dungeon is the same throughout the week, you need to know how to efficiently delete the mobs that spawn, instantly.

So, here’s a list of the best builds for the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Best Diablo 4 Gauntlet builds in Season 4

BuildMain SkillsUltimateUnique/Uber Unique needed
Dust Devil Double Swing BarbarianDouble Swing, LeapWrath of the BerserkerRamaldi’s Magnum Opus
Charge HoTA BarbarianCharge, Hammer of The AncientsWrath of the BerserkerHarlequin’s Crest, Tibault’s Will, The Grandfather
Ball Lightning SorcererBall LightningUnstable CurrentsHarlequin Crest, Tibault’s Will
Bone Spear NecromancerBone SpearBone StormHarlequin Crest, Tibault’s Will
(Both Ubers optional)
Barrage Rogue Barrage, PunctureHarlequin Crest, Tibault’s Will
Penetrating Shot RoguePenetrating Shot, Rapid FireShadow Clone
Windspike DruidCyclone Armor, Poison CreeperPetrifyMelted Heart of Selig
Lightning Storm DruidLightning StormPetrifyTempest Roar, Unsung Ascetic’s Wraps
Arc Lash SorcererArc LashUnstable CurrentsHarlequin Crest, Tibault’s Will

In Diablo 4’s Gauntlet, your main goal is to reach the highest score possible within eight minutes. The layout of the Dungeon, enemy and shrine locations, and chest spawns will remain the same for a week, before being reset.

The enemies that you face in the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 will be level 124, which is similar to what you will see in Level 70 Nightmare Dungeons.

When you’re making a build for this mode, you need to ensure that you strike a balance between the damage that you’re dealing and your movement speed.

With that in mind, here are a few builds that have the potential to do very well in the Gauntlet in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary items.
Ranged Rogue builds can breeze through the Gauntlet with the right build.

Dust Devil Double Swing Barbarian

The Dust Devil Double Swing Barbarian is a brand new build that makes use of the Windlasher’s Aspect, Aspect of Fierce Winds and Devilish Aspect in Diablo 4 Season 4. These three Aspects are responsible for creating the Dust Devils whenever you use a shout or use the Double Swing ability in the game.

That said, while the build has high damage potential and can’t be crowd-controlled easily, it relies a lot on Shouts and you’ll have to juggle your cooldowns effectively to get the most out of this build.

Charge HoTA Barbarian

The Hammer of The Ancients Barbarian has been a go-to build for most players during the Season of the Construct due to the innumerable buffs that the character has received. This Barbarian build is capable of wiping out hoards of enemies instantly but suffers slightly because of a low movement speed.

If you can manage to balance your movement speed stat and the Shrine buffs within the Gauntlet in Diablo 4, this build can take you to the top of the Weekly Leaderboard effortlessly.

Ball Lightning Sorcerer

The Ball Lightning Sorcerer is probably one of the most popular builds in Diablo 4 ever since its launch, and it has every potential of carrying its reputation into the Gauntlet as well. It’s worth noting that the Ball Lightning Sorcerer will never deal a huge chunk of damage in one single hit. I

Instead, it will deal a moderate amount of damage in a single hit, but it will deal multiple hits in a short span of time. If you can manage your mana efficiently, you will have a lot of fun playing with the Ball Lightning Sorcerer in the Gauntlet.

Bone Spear Necromancer

The Bone Spear Necromancer is a build that is capable of dealing a lot of damage at long range and practically never runs out of Essense, and does not rely on Uber Uniques. However, the build suffers due to the lack of movement speed.

If you can manage to sort that issue out, either by using the Wind Striker Aspect or by some affixes on your boots, then this build can be very rewarding in the Gauntlet in Diablo 4.

Barrage Rogue

Rogues were considered to be a weak class at the beginning of Season of the Construct following the Twisting Blades skill nerf. However, if you’re looking to play a hybrid build, then the Barrage Rogue is a build that you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

The Barrage skill is central to the entire build in Diablo 4. It allows you to deal a considerable amount of damage, while maintaining your distance from the groups of enemies. It’s a high-risk high-reward playstyle and it is definitely something that you should try out.

Diablo 4 Barbarian
The Hammer of the Ancient Barbarian continues to be one of the most dominating builds in this mode.

Penetrating Shot Rogue

Unlike most of the other builds on this list, you will need to position yourself properly if you’re planning on running the Penetrating Shot build in the Gauntlet in Diablo 4.

However, if you manage to get your position correct, you can obliterate groups of enemies in a single strike. It’s highly likely that the Penetrating Shot build will be one of the few Rogue builds on the Weekly Leaderboard in Diablo 4.

Windspike Druid

The Windspike Druid is a companion build in Diablo 4, and is one of the tankiest builds in the game, thanks to the Melted Heart of Selig Unique amulet. You won’t face a lot of spirit management issues either.

However, it’s really hard to come across the Melted Heart of Selig, and you’ll have to depend a lot on targeting if you need to deal with enemies that are away from you in the Gauntlet. The best strategy when running this build would be to kite as many enemies as you can to a single location and then focus on killing them.

Lightning Storm Druid

The Lightning Storm Druid is a popular build and makes use of two Uniques, namely Tempest Roar and Ascetic’s Unsung Wraps in Diablo 4. Although the Lightning Storm targeting can be slightly unpredictable, and might not hit the target you would want it to.

But on the flip side, not only will you be able to obliterate your enemy with ease, you’ll also be melting bosses as soon as they spawn within the Gauntlet in Diablo 4.

Arc Lash Sorcerer

Just like the Penetrating Shot Rogue build, the Arc Lash Sorcerer is also a slightly advanced build. Now, considering that the mob density within the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 is high, you won’t have a difficult time shredding through them.

Just like the Ball Lightning Sorcerer, you won’t have a lot of damage through single hits, but you’ll be able to get multiple hits within a short span of time. This will help you reach those scary damage numbers required to obliterate anything that stands in your way.

That concludes the list of the best builds for the Gauntlet in Diablo 4. For now, these builds will dominate the Weekly Leaderboard in Diablo 4. However, as the days progress, players might figure out new builds that work better in the Dungeon.

Diablo 4 Horn of Trials
The Horn of Trials serves as the entry point to the Gauntlet.

While these builds will help you obliterate the enemy within the static dungeon in the Gauntlet, they are only one part of the puzzle. If you want to make your way to the leaderboard, you need to make sure that you clear all these enemies quickly, so your overall speed will also be important.

How to efficiently clear Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4

There are a few patterns that you will come across within the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4, including chest keys and enemy spawn Shrines.

The best way to clear the Gauntlet is to find the best path through the rooms so that you can keep spawning and clearing enemies for as long as the timer is available. But make sure to collect the keys and open the chests that spawn in the different rooms to maximize the score that you earn.

Survivability is also key inside the Gauntlet in Diablo 4 Season 4, because dying means you’ll lose out on the total time you have to clear it. It’s also worth remembering that the enemies you’ll encounter inside the Gauntlet are level 124, so make sure you’re at a high enough level, otherwise the enemies will literally one shot you.

In case you need a break from the Gauntlet in Diablo 4, you can always head over to the Artificer’s Pit and collect the different Masterworking materials that you need to make the most of your builds in the game.