Diablo 4 devs offer Unique gear changes and the answer’s clear

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Uniques.

Diablo 4 devs presented the players with a question related to how they should be releasing Unique items in the game, and players have weighed in on the matter.

For a game like Diablo 4, Unique items form an integral part of any build. When it comes to all the Unique items in the game, the developers have always wanted to maintain parity amongst the number of items each class has.

However, such a scenario isn’t always possible, so the developers, during the Campfire Chat on February 29, asked the players a question based on how they would want to have the Uniques released.

The question that they asked was if players wanted them to release Uniques as and when they were ready, or whether they should wait till all classes had the same number of Uniques ready and then release them together in a Diablo 4 update.

Redditor ‘TheUnburntGod’ posed this question to fellow members of the Diablo 4 community and added their own opinions to it. They said that they would personally like to have the Uniques as and when they were ready, and asked others to share their opinion as well.

Most players responded that they would want to have the Unique gear in Diablo 4 as and when they were ready. One player in response to OP said, “I’m on the ‘Release when it’s ready’ side.”

Redditor ‘Arkayjiya’ replied to the comment and said: “Same here. I have favorite classes and would be bummed if they received less content, but nowhere near enough to deny needed content for other classes. Plus it’s a good excuse to try those classes.”

Diablo 4 Community Manager Adam Fletcher was also seen interacting with the players. He commented, “Thanks for starting this up all – Will be monitoring :).”

Amidst the host of players who were talking about dropping the Uniques in Diablo 4 when they were ready, one player pointed out that no class should fall too behind or go far ahead of the rest. They commented, “When it’s ready, but don’t let any class fall TOO far behind, or 1 class pull TOO far ahead.”

At this point, it will be interesting to see the Uniques that the developers have in the pipeline. Till then, be sure to check out what players have to say about the Diablo 4 PTR and the patch notes for the Diablo 4 1.3.3 update.

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