Diablo 4 players want classic D2 villain to join The Butcher in Dungeons

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Lilith

Diablo veterans have been having a great time with Season of Blood and want an iconic Diablo 2 enemy back in Diablo 4. With The Butcher being the only enemy that plagues the Dungeons randomly, many feel that this enemy from Diablo 2 will be a great addition to spice up Diablo 4 encounters.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been essential for bringing back many players after Season 1 received mixed reviews from the player base. Season of Blood is performing well after introducing several new bosses for the endgame, and many veterans want to bring back some nostalgia into the title.

Diablo veterans want to bring back Blood Raven, a vicious enemy from Diablo 2, in D4 as a new random enemy encounter inside Dungeons. With The Butcher already traumatizing many new players inside Dungeons, they want the Blood Raven to be a part of it too.

Reddit user ‘HairyBalds’ suggested this idea first as they mentioned that the “Blood Raven should spawn randomly in dungeons like The Butcher.” Blood Raven was an extremely powerful enemy on par with The Butcher in Diablo 2, and many think it would be fun to add her in D4.

The OP also mentioned how hearing Blood Raven’s signature line, “join my army of the dead,” would “send a chill” up their spine. As Blood Raven is a ranged enemy that dishes out devastating damage, players would love a change of pace from Butcher’s tanky melee attacks.

Other players in the thread said how they “love this idea” and “more random spawns than just The Butcher” are needed in Diablo 4. With several leaks suggesting that a new area from Diablo 2 could be making its way in the upcoming expansion, many feel that adding an enemy would be a good idea.

A player also mentioned that the devs should add more iconic characters in Diablo 4 while mentioning the names of “Gharbad the Weak, Zhar the Mad, Snotspill” to give some examples.

Although it is just a suggestion from players, fans will be hoping to see added for real in a future expansion.

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