Diablo 4 dev reveals how Season 4 will build on Season of Blood’s success

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 Season of Blood

Diablo 4 players are eagerly waiting for Season 4 with high expectations following the successful launch of PTR, and Executive Producer Rod Fergusson revealed that the devs have been inspired by lessons learned during the highly acclaimed Season of Blood.

Time’s running out for Diablo 4 devs as Season 4 draws nearer, and Blizzard isn’t only taking feedback from PTR to put together this new chapter. Season of the Construct was heavily criticized right from the beginning, and Executive Producer Rod Fergusson thinks that there’s insight from Season of Blood that they definitely need to take into account when it comes to Season 4 content.

It’s no secret that Diablo 4 Season 2 introduced some of the game’s most praised mechanics, such as the Vampiric Powers and Blood Harvests. While these ideas weren’t entirely new, they managed to give players what they were expecting and even get them excited to complete their Seasonal Journey.

In an interview with Windows Central, Fergusson revealed that the “easily relatable” vampire storyline of Season of Blood was what made it the most popular season. However, he pointed out that Season 2 was when they truly managed to focus on the power fantasy of “slaying multitudes of monsters.”

“(In Season 2) we worked really hard to optimize the engine and optimize the art, and to be able to turn that dial up. So when you had the Blood Harvest, which was a sort of a themed version of Helltides. You had that moment of, I can have all these monsters and I could summon the council. And there are legionaries everywhere. So there’s this density there, that everybody loved,” Fergusson explained in the interview.

The Diablo 4 producer also talked about how the devs faced new density changes in Season 4 and explained getting players’ feedback through PTR has been key to optimizing their iteration process. “Through the seasons, you’ve seen the density get more and more and more,” he said. “I think it’s coming to a good place in Season 4 when you see how rich the Helltides are.”

Fergusson seemed happy about what they’ve done so far with Diablo 4’s core systems but hasn’t revealed what theme players can expect from Season 4. According to the dev, players will have to wait for the next Campfire Chat which is expected to arrive “in the next couple of weeks.”

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