Diablo 4 player reveals best route to farm Living Steel

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Diablo 4 players were quite vocal about the Living Steel problem during Helltides and the devs quickly applied a hotfix. With the issue now fixed, players are having a great time as one of them formulated the ideal route to farm Cinders in Season 2.

Season 2 of Diablo 4, also known as Season of Blood is running in full swing as it has offered plenty of content for players to enjoy. After several new fixes and additions like new bosses and powers, many consider Season 2 to be better than even the main campaign.

Blizzard released a major hotfix on November 14 addressing the Living Steel problem in Diablo 4 Season 2. Now that the issue is fixed, players can get through objectives quite easily and are already devising several optimal routes for farming them in the game.

Reddit user ‘countrybrysouza’ described their ideal Cinder farming route as they claimed that players can get as many as “600 Cinders in 9.5 minutes” with this method. They explained that this method works by targeting the “small chests” instead of enemies.

The OP also shared a video demonstrating this method alongside a map with the route marked on it. This is bound to make things easier for other players as many claimed that “this is useful.”

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Cinders are extremely valuable in Diablo 4 as they enable the players to farm for Living Steel. In World Tier 4, you will have to collect 300 Cinders to open a single Living Steel Chest to get 5 Living Steels, which is necessary for fighting Grigoire and Duriel. So getting 600 Cinders in a single run is just perfect for many.

Many players also praised this route by the OP as they said: “Nice, never would have guessed that targeting chests could be more beneficial than mobs. Thanks for the guide.”

Most of the Diablo 4 players in the Reddit thread seemed to believe that this is one of the best Cinder farms in the entire game. With Living Steel being such a necessity in Season of Blood, getting 600 Cinders in a single run should be extremely useful for many.

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