All Unique Items & Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 Season 5 revealed so far

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Diablo 4 Season 5 has promised to bring a ton of new content that will give all classes a final push before Vessel of Hatred DLC. Besides having a chance to the new rogue-like endgame mode called Infernal Hordes, players will get new Unique Items and Legendary Aspects.

Since Season of Loot Reborn has done a great job of overhauling the itemization system, fans are expecting this next season to keep adding more content that takes their favorite builds to the next level. Here are all of Season 5’s Unique Items and Legendary Aspects revealed so far.

New Unique Items

  • Barbarian
    • Unbroken Chain – Amulet: Casting Steel Grasp reduces Iron Maelstrom’s Cooldown by 5-10 seconds. Enemies damaged by Iron Maelstrom deal 15-30% less damage for 6 seconds.
  • Druid
    • Björnfang’s Tusks – Unique Gloves: Cataclysm is now guaranteed to strike anything in range and you deal 40-80%[x] increased damage for the duration of the effect. While Cataclsym is active, you gain unlimited Spirit.
  • Necromancer
    • Path of Trag’Oul – Unique Boots: Bone Prison traps a larger area and fires 20-35 Bone Splinters at enemies trapped within. Increase your Maximum Essence by 2 for 8 seconds each time these Bone Splinters hit an enemy.
  • Rogue
    • Shroud of Khanduras – Unique Chest Armor: Dark Shroud grants Immune for 3 seconds, but your Evade Cooldown is increased by 9-3 seconds. Evading while Dark Shroud is active leaves behind an explosion that deals Shadow damage and pulls in enemies.
  • Sorcerer
    • Axial Conduit – Unique Pants: Chain Lightning alternates between orbiting you and seeking up to 3 enemies. When it returns, it drains 6 Mana from you for each active Chain Lightning. After draining 66 total Mana, the bolt explodes for (270%-570%) Lightning damage. Chain Lightning expires if you don’t have enough Mana for it to drain.
All Diablo 4 classes.
Unique Items and Legendary Aspects are crucial to get OP builds.

Legendary Aspects in Season 5

  • Barbarian
    • Aspect of Forward Momentum – Mobility: Knocking back an enemy grants 25-40% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
  • Druid
    • Aspect of the Rushing Wilds – Mobility: Casting a Companion Skill grants 5-15% Movement Speed for 5 seconds, up to 15-45%.
  • Necromancer
    • Aspect of the Unholy Tether – Mobility: Casting Golem’s active Skill creates a bond between you for 6 seconds. While the bond is active, both of you are Unhindered and gain 25-40% Movement Speed.
    • Inexorable Reaper’s – Mobility: Sever now dashes you forward to attack instead. It becomes a Mobility Skill and costs no Essence, but has a 22-7 second cooldown.
    • Aspect of Creeping Mist – Mobility: Gain 20-35% Evade Cooldown Reduction. You can now Evade during Blood Mist, traveling twice as far. Entering or exiting Blood Mist resets your Evade Cooldown.
    • Imprisoned Spirit’s – Offensive: When Bone Spirit explodes inside a Bone Prison, it explodes an additional time, dealing 40-70% of normal damage.Bone Spirit now prioritizes enemies inside a Bone Prison.
  • Rogue
    • Of Nebulous Brews – Mobility: Using a Healing Potion grants 35-50% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. After moving 30 meters, you spawn a Healing Potion.
    • Galvanized Slasher’s – Resource: Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Mobility Skill has a 15-30% chance to fully restore your Energy. Your Maximum Energy is increased by 10-25.
    • Of Iron Rain – Offensive: Smoke Grenade has a 35-50% chance to create an Arrow Storm where it explodes, dealing Physical damage over 3 seconds. Your Arrow Storms continuously apply Vulnerable.
    • Breakneck Bandit’s – Offensive: Flurry deals 15-30% increased damage and has a 20% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds with each hit.
    • Mired Sharpshooter’s – Utility: Caltrops is now a Marksman Skill that periodically throws 5-20 piercing daggers over its Duration, each dealing Shadow damage and applying Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • Sorcerer
    • Aspect Of Tenuous Agility: Gain 5-15% increased Movement Speed. This bonus is doubled if you haven’t used a Defensive Skill in 8 seconds.
    • Aspect Of the Firebird: Gain the Flame Shield Enchantment for free. When Flame Shield activates, Meteorites fall around you dealing (50%-70%) Fire damage.
    • Lightning Rod Aspect: Chain Lightning has a 5-20% chance to chain an additional time when hitting Crowd Controlled enemies and Bosses, and will seek them as targets.
    • Aspect Of Elemental Acuity: Casting a Pyromancy, Shock, or Frost Skill increases your Mana Regeneration by 10-20% for 5 seconds, once per Element. At maximum stacks, the total bonus is increased to 60-120% for 10 seconds, but all stacks expire after the duration.
    • Aspect Of the Orange Herald: Lucky Hit: Up to a 5-10% Chance when you damage an enemy with a Skill to reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds. Can only happen once per Skill cast.

While all of these have been confirmed by the Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR patch notes, keep in mind that some of their buffs can vary after the testing period ends. It’s also probable that Blizzard add a few more before Season “The Eyes of the Enemy” starts, so make sure to circle back for the latest information.

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