Diablo 4 players discover “insanely rare” chest but there’s a catch

Luca Di Marzo
Diablo 4 player near chest

While Diablo 4 is in its third season, players continue to discover hidden secrets within the game. One chest, in particular, is so rare that players admitted they had no idea it existed in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 players have received post-launch content with each major seasonal update leading up to the current Season 3 landscape. The updates haven’t been without their respective hiccups, but they tend to bring players a lot to dissect.

Despite all of the post-launch content that has hit Diablo 4, some players have yet to uncover all of the game’s secrets. This remains true for some content that has been around since launch.

One player took to Reddit to reveal that they found an extremely rare Mutterlock chest. While the OP seemed to be familiar with the rare discovery, plenty of Diablo 4 players revealed that they had never heard of a Mutterlock chest before.

Several Diablo 4 players in the comments questioned the existence of Mutterlock chests: “So…who else has been playing since beta and had no idea this even existed? Seriously, never even heard of the term.”

Another player took the time to explain that a Mutterlock chest is a “chest you have to open by giving it a correct combination of phrases.” The same player added, “The loot is very lackluster compared to how insanely rare it is.”

Players who claimed to come across Mutterlock chests in Diablo 4 admitted that the loot they bring is disappointing, but their rarity never came into question: “Since launch. They’re beyond extremely rare, I have 8 level 100 characters and have never seen one.”

The replies were a mix of astonishment at never hearing of the chest and disappointment from those who had come across some.

However, things got interesting as one player explained that Mutterlock chests could provide better loot after finding a few: “When you encounter your next one, if you successfully did the phrase on your first one, you’ll notice that that phrase is greyed out and no longer an option.”

If that player is correct, it sounds like opening Mutterlock chests can prove worthwhile for those with plans to play Diablo 4 well into the upcoming Season 4.

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