Diablo 4 players report an increase in bot sightings during Season 3

Stephanie Zucarelli
Donan in Diablo 4

While Diablo 4 Season 3 hasn’t been players’ favorite, users are still shocked to notice an increasing number of bots wandering around Sanctuary. Here’s what the Diablo 4 community has been talking about.

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct is still in full swing, and despite players’ initial reactions, Blizzard tried to fix every bug reported making the season work. However, users have noticed an alarmingly increasing amount of bots in the game, and shared with the community how they’re being used to farm materials for summoning World Bosses.

Redditor ‘Interesting-Swim-592’ posted a clip where it can be seen how multiple Level 100 Barbarians are wandering around an Arcane Tremor Brazier. When the player activates it, they automatically start farming materials non-stop.

While it’s true that the repetitive task of grinding for materials has been a long-standing complaint from the Diablo 4 community, users are shocked to find out that many players have encountered similar situations, such as Legion events and even Helltides.

“Me and a buddy came across something that seems similar to this a lil’ while back. The entire ground was orange from all the Legendaries. That’s when I found out the chest only accounts for ten missed legendaries,” explained user ’58isgr8.’

Diablo 4 players explained that these bots are generally used by illegal websites to farm materials to sell to users who just want to fight World Bosses without having to farm materials. While this might seem practical, this method can lead to users getting banned from Diablo 4.

“Since the dupping exploit was fixed I figured we would start seeing an army of bots,” pointed out Redditor ‘Dracovin020709.’ Some users thought that this was a direct consequence of the “tedious” farming grind and that getting rid of summoning materials would be the answer to put a stop to bots in Sanctuary.

Blizzard haven’t officially referred to this problem yet, even if players reported to have encountered bots ever since Season of the Malignant. We’ll keep you updated for any related news about bots infesting Diablo 4 Season of Construct.

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