Diablo 4 players completely “ignore” Season 3 boss stronger than Uber Lilith

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 demon enemy

Diablo 4 players don’t like one of the Season 3 Dungeon bosses so they have decided to “ignore” him completely and skip the fight.

Diablo 4 Season 3 is in full swing, as players all over the community have tuned in to release Sanctuary from the clutches of the demon, Malphas. Although Season of the Construct didn’t start exactly how the devs would have liked, it seems to be improving with every new patch.

Even though some fans have started to like the Vaults and the Seneschal Companion in Season 3, the Son of Malphas boss still remains a major headache for many.

Son of Malphas is a new Butcher-like boss that will spawn randomly in Vaults. Claimed to be the most overpowered boss in the season, this new Construct version of the Butcher is proving to be a wall in many playthroughs.

Reddit user ‘Arkayjiya’ claimed that the Son of Malphas had “5 times more HP than Uber Lilith” in Diablo 4 Season 3, and even had to back out of their boss fight at 50% health due to time constraints.

Just like Nightmare Dungeons, the enemies in the Vaults scale directly with their level, and players are fed up with the Vault 100 Son of Malphas in Diablo 4 Season 3. The OP claimed that they could defeat Uber Malphas “perfectly well,” but struggled against Son of Malphas.

Others suggested to “ignore” the boss, as it generally takes a lot of time to kill him, and some even claimed that the fight was not “time efficient” as the loot was not to their liking.

“Yeah had the same experience, if you are playing a ‘balanced’ build and aren’t one-shotting him he takes so long to fight that I skip him,” said one of the players. Others claimed that the game needed “better boss design” to fix these issues.

As the Son of Malphas is a seasonal boss that is aimed to be a random encounter, it is unlikely that the devs will make it weaker. Just like the Butcher used to be a wall for many, the devs designed the Son of Malphas to fulfill that role in the Vaults, so players should tweak their builds and stay persistent for now.

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