Diablo 4 pet buffs that let them 1v1 bosses & players love it

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Sorcerer cosmetic

After a series of complaints regarding the Seneschal Companion in Diablo 4 Season 3, the devs have buffed it significantly in the latest and the community loves it.

After returning from a rather successful Season 2, many believe that Diablo 4 did not achieve its desired outcome during Season 3‘s launch. With constant complaints about the Seneschal Companions and Vaults, the devs were forced to release a quick patch, fixing a bunch of issues.

One of the prime grievances players had with Season of the Construct was the inept gameplay by the Seneschal Companion, popularly known as the Construct pet. Most players found it to be underwhelming at launch and demanded changes.

However, Blizzard’s latest Patch 1.3.0a changed most people’s views on the Construct pet entirely, as they buffed it massively, and according to Reddit user ‘KingLeil’, it can even “1v1 and kill Duriel” in Diablo 4 Season 3.

The OP claimed that “there is nothing to it” and every class in Diablo 4 can attempt to do this. They further clarified they were a Barbarian main and used the Firefly Governing Stone to pull this off, as they reportedly soloed Echo of Duriel boss fight in Season of the Construct.

Some players in the subreddit were quite surprised with the Construct pet as they argued how it was the “main character” of the game instead of the player. Others even claimed that the “robot got cooler skills” than the players themselves.

Famous Diablo 4 content creator ‘Wudijo’ even released a video on it as he showed exactly what Governing Stones and skills he used to make his Seneschal Companion powerful enough to 1v1 Uber Duriel.

In the video, Wudijo mentioned that the Governing Stones he used to build the Seneschal Companion involved Firefly, Multishot Support, Piercing Support, and Seeking Support. Using these enabled him to dish out thousands of points of damage to Duriel and win the fight easily without using a single attack himself.

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