Diablo 4 players absolutely love new farming method in Season 3

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 Season of the Construct fight

Blizzard might have discovered the PvP feature that has finally brought players together in Diablo 4 Season of the Construct. Here’s what the Diablo 4 community had to say about it.

Diablo 4 has often been criticized by players for its lack of multiplayer features. While Season of the Construct didn’t add any major mechanics to encourage PvP, there’s a feature that fans have grown to love since it quickly rallies any player that’s nearby.

According to a post in the Diablo 4 Reddit community, fans can get enough of Season 3 Arcane Tremor Braziers. These are scattered around Sanctuary and can be activated with a combination of Elemental Cores and Shattered Stones. After gathering all the materials, it will summon a Herald of Malphas, a great enemy to defeat for valuable loot.

“I do enjoy how you can be running solo, activate the Brazier, and a swarm of players will dive bomb like wasps at a picnic,” pointed out AvgWhiteShark. Other Diablo 4 fans agreed that Braziers have become one of the best places for rewards, which quickly attracts players that are otherwise busy in their seasonal journey.

“Last night a buddy and I decided to get on and do a couple of these just to get a few cores and try to kill Malphas. 90 minutes later we were still there because one guy had enough for 150 summons and a crowd built up who all put in their own mats too occasionally. Stuff like that is what makes me really enjoy this game,” said user ‘Mundane-Energy-998.’

Some Diablo 4 players think that Braziers’ popularity is because of the lack of group mechanics for fans to interact with others. While Helltides can gather some parties for a short term, users still feel Blizzard could include objectives such as specific whispers or similar missions.

Season of the Construct might have discovered what makes players group up even on a huge map like Sanctuary since users reported that they love how much they could level up by completing a single Brazier.

“No world chat, still waiting on the party finder. Idk how a major part of Diablo has always been player interaction like any other MMORPG type game, and they decided to just completely go away from that. So hell yeah it’s great to be reminded like wow other people are playing the game,” highlighted Redditor ‘MoneyBaggSosa.’

While Diablo 4 players beg for Blizzard to consider Braziers as a permanent feature, you can check why fans are slamming “unbearable” Uber Malphas fight, and what are the “boring” Unique Items that are putting players to sleep.

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