Diablo 4 minion change is making things difficult in a way players didn’t expect

Emily Stander
A Necomrancer and their minions in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 made a balance change to minions a few updates ago, and it’s making fights difficult in a way that players didn’t expect. 

Diablo 4 minions received a fix in Season 2 that made them less likely to attack objects. This fix came from Blizzard when the community pointed out that their minions were attacking objects and ignoring enemies, making fights a lot more difficult. 

Now, while minions are less likely to attack objects, this change has proven to be a bit of an issue, because there are some situations where they need to attack objects. ‘Zulfaqarsolah’ posted on Reddit about this: “Just me hitting the bell for close to three min bcs my minion doesn’t think its enemy,” they said. 

Tolling Bells are a world event in Diablo 4 that can be found in Jagged Shores. The Drowned Bell, which the OP was referring to, is one such bell that players can hit to spawn enemies. Once the bell is destroyed, two elite enemies will spawn that the player must eliminate to complete the event. 

Attacking the Bell is obviously not meant to take as long as it did for the OP to destroy, and would have taken a lot less time if their minions had helped them.

This is not the only instance that players have found the minion change has inhibited their play in some way. “Had the same thing happen the other day with my wolves and a stone door,” another Diablo 4 fan shared. “They would only attack when I used the skill that causes them to leap at the enemy, but if any other enemies came in and pulled them off the door I would have to recast on the door once the other enemies were dead.”

While minions not mindlessly attacking objects makes for a desired change overall, it’s quite strange that players have to deal with this issue as a result. While Blizzard have not mentioned anything about fixes or changes to this new issue, we will keep you updated with any news. 

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