Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablets explained: Does your choice matter?

Hamza Khalid
Diablo 4 character

When you play through Diablo 4’s Rite of Passage Quest, you’ll be required to choose between five options. If you want to know which Holy Cedar Tablet to pick and if the choice matters then we’ve got you covered.

Diablo 4 grants fans of the Diablo franchise a brand-new story filled with Quests that they can complete across Sanctuary, and the Rite of Passage Quest tasks you with participating in a ritual before entering the city of Kyovashad.

This ritual requires you to select between five Holy Cedar Tablets, and you might be struggling to figure out what the right decision is or what the consequences will be. We’ll break down everything that you need to know.

Which Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablet should you choose?

You can choose whichever Holy Cedar Tablet you like in Diablo 4’s Rite of Passage Quest as the result and rewards will always be the same. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be awarded 300 Gold, 880 XP, and access to Kyovashad.

These are the Holy Cedar Tablets options in Diablo 4:

  • Inscribe Fear into the wood.
  • Inscribe Anger into the wood.
  • Inscribe Pride into the wood.
  • Inscribe Greed into the wood.
  • Inscribe Nothing but Scribbles into the wood.
Kyovashad diablo 4
Completing this Quest lets you access Kyovashad in Diablo 4.

Each of these Holy Cedar Tablets represents a different sin, and you can select the one that suits you best. Once you’ve made your choice, this cleansing ritual will be complete and you’ll be able to access Kyovashad in Diablo 4.

This location is a heavily fortified militaristic settlement that serves as the capital of the Fractured Peaks. It is the largest town that you can explore in the zone, and once you access Kyovashad, you’ll be granted the title of ‘Initial Casualty.’

That’s all that you need to know about choosing Holy Cedar Tablets in Diablo 4.

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