How to play Diablo 4 free on Steam

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 characters entering a Dungeon

Diablo 4 is celebrating this holiday season with a free-to-play period for players to get a taste of what’s happening in Sanctuary. If you want to try going against Lilith’s evil forces, here’s everything on how to play Diablo 4 for free on Steam.

Blizzard introduced a special way of celebrating this Thanksgiving season by letting players enjoy Diablo 4 for free. This is an excellent opportunity for players to experiment with different character builds and to take on the Sanctuary’s main campaign.

The free-to-play period only allows players to go up to level 20, which means that Wanderers will be able to explore Diablo 4’s dungeons and maybe go up against some of the demon bosses that are trying to invade the world.

If you’re wondering how to play Diablo 4 for free on Steam, here’s everything you need to know.

Diablo 4: How to play for free on Steam?

Diablo 4 is currently free to play on Steam and will be available until November 28, 2023. After this trial period ends, players can buy any Diablo 4 bundle with a 40% discount thanks to Steam’s Autumn Sale, which also ends on November 28, 2023.

Diablo 4 World Boss fight
You’ll need to play with a party to face some of Diablo 4’s World Bosses.

Here’s how to play Diablo 4 for free on Steam:

  1. Go to Steam’s digital store.
  2. Search for Diablo 4’s Steam hub.
  3. Select the “Play Game” button on the tab that says “Play Diablo 4 for free!”.
  4. Keep in mind that Diablo 4 will ask 84.96 GB minimum of free space and other system requirements, so choose where to install it carefully.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to play Diablo 4 for free on Steam. If you wish to know more about Blizzard’s iconic ARPG, you can check our guides below:

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