Crazy Warzone Red Door glitch is trapping players in room

Andrew Highton
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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Red Doors are apparently more unstable than first thought as a glitch can trap players inside of them in Season 5.

The introduction of the Red Doors into Warzone has been an interesting one for CoD’s current battle royale experience. Not only have they contributed to the ongoing “The Numbers” narrative of the game as it journeys through its seasons, but they’ve added a unique presence to Verdansk.

In the same way that Nakatomi Plaza’s Vault room offered bonuses to those who sought it out, the Red Doors gives players a real chance of winning if they find the right rooms.

Filled with gold gas masks, the Specialist bonus, and other desirable benefits, the Red Rooms are worth seeking out. That was until new evidence emerged of a crazy glitch that can potentially trap players in a room, leaving them to be consumed by the gas.

warzone red door opening

BeesusPls is the unfortunate Warzone player that encountered this troublesome glitch, and they explained what had happened via the title of their Reddit post: “Pushed a dude who just teleported into the Red Door Room, and then the game decided it wants to lock me in!! Probably karma for using a Streetsweeper.”

After presumably following the opposition player into the Red Room, the other player must’ve escaped, leaving the chasing player inside as the game only recognized the original player leaving.

It’s extremely unfortunate for the player as they had amassed a considerable amount of cash and other great aids to win the match. Using our Red Doors guide as a frame of reference, we believe the loot room in question is number ten, so bear this in mind.

One user commented on the glitch saying “It’s just this particular Red Door exit. Happened to me and a friend as well. Lesson learned. Don’t push into those exit rooms.”

We’ve yet to confirm if it is just this one room and no others being affected, but in the meantime, be vigilant when it comes to this particular Red Door room.

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