Do CSGO skins carry over to CS2?

Luca Di Marzo
CSGO skins in Counter-Strike 2

Following the official release of CS2, many players are desperate to find out if CSGO skins will carry over to the sequel. So, here’s what fans need to know about skins and inventory being carried over to Counter-Strike 2.

After a limited test, Valve’s highly anticipated sequel to CSGO, Counter-Strike 2, is finally out and fans have already jumped into the all-new Premier mode. But one question that’s on many players’ minds is whether or not CSGO skins will carry over to CSGO 2.

The Counter-Strike franchise has garnered a loyal and passionate following, with many fans deeply invested in the game’s cosmetic elements. There are players who have been collecting CSGO skins for over a decade, leading to understandable concerns about the status of their existing collections.

Here’s what you need to know about CS: GO skins carrying over to CS2.

Do CS: GO skins & inventory transfer to CS2?

Yes, Counter-Strike skins and inventory does carry over to CS2. This will happen automatically and you don’t have to worry about manually moving items to the new game.

Thanks to the Counter-Strike 2 reveal blog, we know that you will be able to “bring your entire CS:GO inventory with you to Counter-Strike 2.” Not only that, since CS2 uses the new Source 2 engine, skins and other items will look more visually pleasing.

The Source 2 engine delivers a brand-new look to the game fans know and love. From drastic lighting changes to the way in which elements such as water, smoke, and bullets interact with each other, players will experience a new dynamic environment.

Therefore, they can look forward to finding out how their beloved skins and inventory will look with the visual upgrades in CS2.

That’s everything you should know about CSGO skins and inventory being carried over to CS2. For more content on the game, have a look at:

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