Top 11 most expensive CSGO skins: Karambit, M4A1, AWP, more

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Ever wondered what the most expensive CSGO skins are and how much they are going for? Here are 11 of the most pricey CSGO skins, as well as details on the price range.

CS:GO, a revered FPS game, stands out not only for its precise gunplay and strategic depth but also for the vast marketplace of in-game skins and items. Players are offered a wealth of options to customize their appearance in the game, ranging from weapon skins and knives to badges, stickers, and character cosmetics. However, these customization elements come with their own price tag.

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Counter-Strike 2 will soon take over, but all account skins will transition to the new game. This transferability has led to a surge in skin prices.

Given the multitude of skins available, new players may initially find it overwhelming to understand what adds value to a skin and why some are willing to invest heavily in them. We’ll simplify this and provide a rundown of the most expensive skins in the game, as well as what makes skins so expensive.

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Most expensive CSGO skins

Here’s a full table of the most expensive CSGO skins as of May 2023:

RankSkin namePrice Details
11AK-47 – Fire Serpent$700 – $5,000This classic and rare skin, released back in 2013, can cost upwards of $5,000 for a StatTrack Factory New version.
10AK-47 – Gold Arabesque (Souvenir) $3,000 – $20,000Once priced under $2,000 due to oversupply, this flashy skin’s cost has risen significantly since Dust2 was removed from the map pool. A Factory New souvenir version can now cost over $5,000.
9AK-47 – Wild Lotus$4,000 – $25,000This relatively new and short-supplied skin from the St. Marc collection, released in 2019, is in high demand. A Factory New version can cost over $8,000.
8AWP Gungnir$6,000 – $25,000One of the newer skins, added in 2019 as part of the Norse collection. Even a battle-scarred version costs thousands, with Factory New versions priced over $8,000.
7Crimson Web knives (Factory New)Over $8,000These rare and popular knife skins can fetch substantial prices, depending on their condition.
6Karambit / Butterfly / M9 Bayonet (Sapphire)$11,000 – $25,000These Doppler knives, especially in Sapphire, command high price tags, often over $10,000. Their stunning appearance in Counter-Strike 2 has caused prices to surge to over $20,000 for skins like the Emerald Butterfly Knife.
5Vice / Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves (Factory New)Over $20,000These vibrantly colored Sport Gloves are among the most valuable glove skins in CS:GO. Only 92 pairs of Factory New Vice Gloves exist, pushing their prices as high as $20,000.
4M4A4 – Howl$2,000 – $40,000The unique ‘Contraband’ grade Howl skin is exceptionally rare. A Factory New, StatTrak version can fetch up to $30,000, and with expensive stickers applied, it can sell for over $100,000.
3AK-47 – Case Hardened (661)$30,000 – $120,000The pattern number 661 skin, with its ‘blue gem’ appearance, is highly desired. If Titan stickers are applied, it can inflate the price to over $100,000.
2AWP Dragon Lore (Souvenir)Over $150,000Souvenir versions of the Dragon Lore skin, especially when Factory New, can fetch more than $150,000. These commemorate specific esports matches and feature gold stickers with the teams and event.
1Karambit – Case Hardened (Blue Gem)Over $2 millionThis exceptionally rare and almost mythical skin is currently the most expensive CS:GO skin. Its owner even turned down an offer of around $1.5m USD.
The Case Hardened (Blue Gem) Karambit is CSGO’s most expensive weapon.

Why are CSGO skins so expensive?

Ultimately, what makes a CSGO skin expensive is mainly the rarity. There are eight levels of rarity:

  • Consumer – White
  • Industrial – Light blue
  • Mil-Spec – Blue
  • Restricted – Purple
  • Classified – Pink
  • Covert – Red
  • Contraband – Orange
  • Extraordinary – Gold

Other variables include a CSGO skin’s wear and pattern. Skins decrease in value through wear, as the skin will become scratched and look less appealing in-game. There are also a crazy amount of unique patterns for each skin, and so more desired patterns are more expensive.

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