CS2 Competitive vs Premier: What are Premier ranks & CS rating in Counter-Strike 2?

Nikhil Bahuguna
Premier mode in CS2

Counter-Strike 2 saw the launch of a new Premier mode along with an exclusive rating system. So here’s everything you need to know about CS rating and Premier mode in CS2 along with how it differs from the Competitive mode.

Along with the all familiar game modes and map changes, Counter-Strike 2 also introduced a brand-new Premier mode which features a ranking system that differs from the one you were used to in CS:GO.

It is known as the CS rating system and it lets players know the amount of ratings to be gained or lost with every match. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about the CS rating and the new Premier ranks in CS2, along with the difference between the Competitive and Premier modes.

Premier mode queue in CS2
CS2 players can view the top global CS ratings in the Premier queue screen.

Counter-Strike 2: How CS rating works in CS2

Players need to win 10 games to get their placement rating in CS2. Ratings start from 0 and can go all the way to 35,000. A different color represents every 5000 elo change in the game. Here are all the colors and the elo represented by them along with its CS:GO equivalent:

Rank/RatingColorCS:GO Equivalent
0-4,999GraySilver – Silver Elite Master
5,000-9,999Light BlueGold Nova – Gold Nova Maste
10,000-14,999BlueMaster Guardian – Distinguished Master Guardian
15,000-19,999PurpleLegendary Eagle – Legendary Eagle Master
20,000-24,999PinkSupreme Master First Class
25,000-29,999RedGlobal Elite
30,000+YellowGlobal Elite

While the rank names don’t exist in Counter-Strike 2, the color names can be used as your ‘rank.’ This rating system is similar to the one used by the popular third-party CS:GO matchmaking service FACEIT.

However, you can compare these color ratings to your existing matchmaking ranks. For example, think of a grey rating like the Silver ranks, and a yellow rating like the Global Elite. A similar color system also determines the rarity and cost of CS:GO skins.

How to improve your CS Rating in Counter-Strike 2

To climb the ratings and rank up in the Premier mode in Counter-Strike 2, you simply need to win games. Once you get a rating, your individual performances aren’t important, rather the game will evaluate an increase or decrease in your rating based on how much you’re winning.

If you go on a loss streak, you may start off by losing 100 points but by the third or fourth loss, you can lose 400 points with a single match. But, if you’re winning matches one after another, your winning bonus for the next match will also increase.

Match start in Counter-Strike 2
Your rank rating increases significantly with each match if you’re on a winning streak.

Keep in mind, that at the start of the match, you will be able to see how many rating points you can earn with a win or lose with a loss.

How Premier mode matches work in CS2

Along with the new CS rating system in Premier, there are two important changes to the game in this mode.

Pick & Ban maps

Premier mode in CS2 will not allow players to queue up for a specific map. Instead, players will need to go through a map pick and ban phase before the match begins.

Similar to the system followed in CS: GO esports, the first team must ban two maps, and the other team needs to ban three maps. With five maps out of the way, only two map choices remain for the first team to pick and start the match.

Map pick and ban screen in CS2
The new map pick and ban system will ensure Dust 2 and Mirage spammers get to play more maps.

MR12 and Overtime

MR12 simply means Max Rounds 12. This is the maximum number of rounds that can be played in each half of a Premier match. So, the first half might end with scores like 6-6, 9-3, or 11-1, and upon switching sides, the first team to secure 13 rounds will win, exactly like in Valorant.

If teams get 12 rounds each, then an Overtime will begin. In Overtime, a total of six extra rounds are played, with each half getting three rounds. The first team to reach 16 rounds will win. On the other hand, if both teams win three rounds and the score is 15-15, the match ends as a draw.

Counter-Strike 2: Competitive vs Premier modes in CS2

Competitive mode Active Duty maps in CS2
The Competitive mode in CS2 is similar to how it was in CS:GO.

We’ve listed all the key comparisons between the Premier and Competitive modes in the table below.

FeaturePremier modeCompetitive mode
MapsTeams pick/ban the seven Active Duty mapsQueue for a single or multiple maps from the nine Active Duty maps
RanksNew CS rating system, displaying your elo between 0-35,000Regional, Global, and Friends’ List leaderboards are available
Match RoundsA total of 12 rounds in each half, with 6 Overtime rounds added in case of a 12-12 tie. The first team to 13 rounds will win. Matches end in a draw if the score is 15-15.A total of 12 rounds in each half, with 6 Overtime rounds added in case of a 12-12 tie. The first team to 13 rounds will win. Matches end in a draw if the score is 15-15.
LeaderboardRegional, Global, and Friends’ List leaderboards are availableNo leaderboards available
Console damage dealt reportDisabledEnabled
Rank rating visibilityRank points are visible, allowing players to see their rank up/down matchesRank points are not visible

Counter-Strike 2 Premier rank leaderboards

There are nine leaderboards in Counter-Strike 2:

  • Friends – Tracks players in your Friends List.
  • World – Shows the top 1,000 players in the world.
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

CS2 leaderboards will showcase your rating, wins, match win percentage, and what percentage of players you rank among. You can either filter this leaderboard to see the various regions, including yours, or set it to check how well you’re doing against your friends.

While your region will be determined by the servers you play on the most, you need to have Prime Status to be eligible for the leaderboards in Counter-Strike 2.

Valve confirmed you will need to select a name for the leaderboard and submit it for approval. Although, you should note that once your name is approved, it cannot be changed for the remainder of the season.

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