Warzone players claim Urzikstan’s “non-existent” footstep audio is worst it’s ever been

Nathan Warby
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Warzone players are getting to grips with the new Urzikstan map following the Season 1 update, but they’ve already called out the “atrocious” footstep audio that they claim is virtually “non-existent.

The Warzone Season 1 update is finally here, bringing with it the new Urzikstan map and the full lineup of weapons from Modern Warfare 3. So far, the reaction has been fairly positive among the community, with many praising the overhauled movement.

However, the early experience has been ruined for some players by certain issues affecting the game, including an error message warning them about corrupted data when trying to log in.

But once they did get into a match many Warzone players were frustrated with the footstep audio, which is making it difficult to pinpoint approaching enemies. Reddit user ‘Croue’ shared a post calling out the “awful” audio since the Urikstan update, explaining that footsteps are hard to hear even when enemies are right on top of them.

“The audio is atrocious, tons of stuff makes seemingly no sound and footsteps are essentially non-existent when a person is very close to you,” said the OP. “But bafflingly if someone is ~20m away and on a roof you can faintly hear them moving around.”

Other players responded to the post sharing similar experiences, with many reporting that the audio from “doors, windows, and water” is “loud as hell,” but footsteps and shots from guns are tough to make out.

In a separate thread, ‘Delpiero45’ argued that “this is the worst footstep audio we have ever had” in Warzone, after not being able to hear rival squads cost them the match on more than one occasion.

“Honestly, how could they have made the footstep audio this much worse than what it already was?” asked the OP. “It’s genuinely shocking how bad it is right now. Multiple games I’ve had a full team run up on me with zero audio until they are now 5 meters away. Needs to be fixed ASAP.”

Streamers have also slammed the audio since the Urzikstan update, with ModernWarzone posting: “Convinced that footstep audio doesn’t exist in Warzone.”

The devs are yet to address the concerns surrounding footstep audio for Warzone in Season 1, so it isn’t clear right now if the feature is working properly or if a glitch is making them harder to hear. Either way, players are clearly hoping they will release a fix in a future update.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our recommended audio settings in Warzone Season 1, as well as the best PC settings for smooth gameplay.

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