Warzone players divided over Al Mazrah ahead of Urzikstan launch

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Al Mazrah

The imminent arrival of Warzone’s upcoming Urzikstan map has prompted players to reflect on their experiences with the current map, Al Mazrah, marking a farewell to 2022’s map prior to the game’s integration with MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 is currently underway with players enjoying all the content in multiplayer, and following the November 21 announcement of the launch of Season 1, Warzone is set to receive a major update integrating both games and marking the farewell of Al Mazrah.

While the current Warzone map was better received than Vanguard’s Caldera, prior to the release of the new map, players have taken time to reflect on the map and compare all the maps we have had available so far in the free-to-play title.

In a Reddit post, user GroundbreakingKey964 shared his thoughts on Warzone’s Al Mazrah, saying: “Al Mazrah was a fantastic map, it was large and open yet you always have cover, the POIs were diverse and interesting making fighting at different parts of the map fun and interesting.”

Although several players agreed with their analysis, others disagreed, “Nope. Al Mazrah is a bad map. Awful design. So much open spaces…” argued one player in the responses. Another added, “I agree. Way too open. I feel it really gave a large advantage to any team waiting in a POI…”

Yet, other users joined in agreement with the original author, “It was a great map. Learning to deal with open spaces is a challenge.” “There’s a ton of vehicles on the map, so saying that it’s too open is kinda dumb,” added another player.

If there’s something everyone agrees on, it’s that Al Mazrah was a better map compared to Caldera, however, individual preferences prevail, with Verdansk emerging as the most favored among Warzone players when it comes to maps: “Verdansk was the epitome of fun/strategy… The way the circles rotated it felt like everyone had a shot.”

Warzone Operators in Urzikstan map
Players can enjoy the next big Warzone map Urzikstan in MW3 Zombies.

Thanks to MW3’s Zombies mode, players can explore Urzikstan before its official release on December 6. We’ll have to wait and see how players react once they experience the new map; however, the initial response to the next big battle royale map has been positive.

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