Warzone players beg for major changes to frustrating enemy loot system

Andrew Highton
cod warzone 2 operator with gun

Warzone 2 has featured some major changes, particularly to the game’s looting system. Some have liked it, but evidently, some have not, and want the devs to fix the “annoying” system.

Activision gave the green light to some pretty big alterations when it came to the setup of Warzone 2 that have helped the game to be a completely different beast to the original Warzone experience.

New circle mechanics in Al Mazrah were a complete shift away from what players were used to in Verdansk and Caldera, and the revamped Loadout system has placed a greater emphasis on more varied gunplay.

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Another key shift in the core mechanics of Warzone 2 has seen the looting system undergo some interesting changes, and while some have embraced the new method, it would appear that some of the Warzone community are not convinced.

“Loot from dead players either needs to be all in the bag or all on the ground,” is what one Warzone Reddit post said regarding looting in the game.

The poster said: “It’s very annoying when trying to loot someone you killed and the loot is scattered around the bag. If it was all in the bag it would be easy to learn where everything in bag is on screen and loot faster (probably have less bugs with the dev team focusing on only bag looting).”

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In Warzone 1, when a player died, their loot would simply explode out of them like a fountain and leave items scattered all around, sometimes piling up if it was near another eliminated player.

The new system contains all the loot in the player’s backpack, but there’s no discernible order when it comes to the gear, making scavenging for loot slower and risking the threat of being jumped by another opponent in the game.

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Another Reddit post on the subject matter highlighted that sometimes it can be a tough task even trying to get the loot you want as you can have multiple backpacks and items all bunched together.

“I’m not a coding expert. But it can be that hard to add in a system where you pick up the item you have in the middle of your screen and not have to stand 10 feet away at 12° angle at the bottom left of your screen in order to pick it up. I’m sorry but there’s gotta be way to change it.”

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The top comment for the story went in quite strongly on the loot system too: “What I don’t understand is like a full studio full of game developers and testers haven’t even tried to play one full round of Warzone and notice that the looting accuracy is absolute trash? Like there’s no way they can be that dumb, right?”

With players already frustrated over the reloading mechanic preventing looting, this is another fire that the devs will have to keep a close eye on.

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Image Credit: Activision

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