Warzone 2 to deliver new Backpack system: Looting mechanic explained

Warzone 2 Operator squad

Warzone 2’s new and improved Backpack system will allow players to strategically store their inventory as they aim for battle royale victories.

When content creators and streamers had a chance to play an early version of Warzone 2 at Call of Duty Next, players got their first look at the Backpack system. In anticipation of Warzone 2’s November 16 launch, the devs have revealed additional details about the new looting mechanic.

While the devs have a ton of innovations planned for Warzone 2, Backpacks in Call of Duty battle royales are not necessarily a new feature as they appeared in Black Ops 4’s Blackout. Nonetheless, here’s how the Backpack system is set to work in Warzone 2.

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Warzone 2 Operator with a backpack

How does the Backpack system work in Warzone 2?

Backpacks will bring loot menus to Warzone 2, where players will have to select their inventory to fit inside their Backpacks.

When a player loots from a container such as a duffel bag or medical case, a loot menu will pop up and players will need to select which items to transfer over to their Backpack. Backpacks in Warzone 2 are separate from a player’s Loadout inventory, and players can easily switch items from the Backpack into their Loadout if they so wish.

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The Backpack storage acts as “an extra place for equipment, Armor Plates, and other small items if those spaces are occupied on your Loadout or Operator.”

In addition, the devs confirmed that looting dead players will grant access to their Backpack: “When a player dies, they will drop their Primary Weapon on the ground and their Backpack, which contains the rest of their content, and is accessed through a loot menu.”

Items such as “Cash, Armor, and any items that you already have in your Loadout or Backpack (e.g. a specific ammo type) are automatically picked up.”

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Of course, Al Mazrah will still contain Warzone 1-style Supply Boxes that players will be familiar with. Supply Boxes throw out items for players to pick and loot off the ground.

It remains to be seen if players will start the match with a Backpack or find them scattered around Al Mazrah, but we’ll have that information for you once it comes to light. We’ll also let you know if Backpacks come in different sizes to offer a variety of different storage space.

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The Backpack system should add a new dynamic to Warzone 2 and it’ll be interesting to see how looting strategies will change once the sequel is released on November 16.


This new backpack system that arrives with Warzone Season 1, will also be fully integrated into DMZ, however, it will work slightly differently in the extraction mode.

In DMZ, the Backpack storage holds everything from “weapons and equipment to Cash and other valuables that can be used to buy items at the Shops,” as well as any other items found.

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As the DMZ mode is a single-life game mode, any nonpermanent items you have in your Backpack will be lost upon death.

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Image Credit: Activision

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