Warzone 2 players already miss Backpack looting after Season 2 update

Warzone 2 player looting weapon chest

Warzone 2 Season 2 did away with the controversial Backpack looting in favor of the system from the original game, but many players already feel that the devs made the wrong decision.

After a slight delay, Warzone 2 Season 2 is finally here, bringing with it the biggest lineup of changes introduced to the game so far. On top of the usual buffs and nerfs, the update made a number of fundamental gameplay changes that players have been calling for, including the return of 1v1 Gulags.

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Among these was the decision to scrap the controversial Backpack looting system favored in Warzone 2 to revert back to “vomit” loot, where crates and dead enemies spill their contents onto the floor to be picked up.

However, shortly after the Season 2 update went live, players began criticizing the devs for changing the way looting works.

The debate was sparked by Reddit user ‘misernt,’ who sarcastically said the “ground loot system is a great upgrade, especially for hidden caches,” along with a video showing the main problem with the new system.

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The OP had attempted to open a hidden cache found on the map, but the loot inside had glitched under the container itself, making it impossible to claim.

Many other players responded calling for Backpack looting to return, claiming that reintroducing the old system was a major step backward.

“This is what everyone asked for on social media, we all knew this would happen if all the loot just spilled out all over the place,” said ‘ExpertDiet7629.’ “Now instead of opening a container and selecting what I want I have to get just the right angle and half the time I still pick up the wrong thing.”

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‘Thirty-seven37’ also agreed, replying: “Players dropping a bag with loot in was an improvement and IW undid it to satisfy a bunch of scream children on Twitter.”

However, others mentioned that the devs may still be ironing out issues with the ground loot mechanic as it’s only just been reintroduced, reminding players that looting was also rough when the original Warzone first launched.

It’s highly unlikely that Infinity Ward will backtrack on the looting system for a second time, so fans will be hoping that the process becomes cleaner and less glitchy as time goes on.

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Image credit: Activision

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