Warzone player takes to Urzikstan for wholesome gender reveal

Max Candelarezi
Ghost dropping into Warzone match

It’s not often that the Warzone community comes together for a common appreciation. However, a Reddit user managed to pull this off by sharing their gender reveal creatively within the game, and the community didn’t hesitate to celebrate this “wholesome” moment.

While the Warzone community is frequently associated with negativity, there are instances where players come together for a common appreciation of something, demonstrating that not everything surrounding the game has to be bad.

The content shared about Warzone usually spans a wide range, including sharing the best loadouts, complaints, or ideas to enhance the experience. A particular post garnered players’ attention given its unique take on the popular baby gender reveal trend.

On Reddit, user ‘MokBear’ shared a post titled “COD WZ Gender Reveal” stating that their friends wanted them to “do a gender reveal on WZ,” so they decided to “share the good news” with the community as well.

To carry out this “creative” idea, the OP decided to build loadouts for two weapons using pink and blue camos. Then, they dropped both on the ground and threw a smoke grenade so that once it was gone, their friends could see that he picked the pink gun, revealing that the baby would be a girl.

The Warzone community promptly extended their congratulations to the OP, praising not only the news itself but also the creative approach of unveiling the baby’s gender to their friends in Warzone.

“This is mad creative congratulations,” a user shared in the replies. User ‘BakedHose’ expressed, “This is super wholesome bro! Congrats! The warzone community can be toxic af but stuff like this is always great see.”

“Best post in this subreddit in ages. Congratulations” another player stated in the comments. “The whole gang jumping with excitement is just too good!” user ‘iAkhilleus’ pointed out.

Certainly, these types of moments display the union within the community, showcasing the ability to momentarily dispel negativity. We extend our congratulations to ‘MokBear.’

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