Warzone player reveals hilarious “secret meta” not even streamers know

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operators Nolan and Dokkaebi in Urzikstan

Warzone often receives attention for its drawbacks, but occasionally, some players find enjoyment while playing the game and enthusiastically share these moments with the community, sometimes uncovering a “secret meta.”

It’s no secret that Warzone is frequently slammed for changes or content that players feel affects the game’s experience. This involves hackers, “trash” ground loot, and especially the dominant weapon meta.

Even though the dev team consistently strives to maintain game balance by incorporating player feedback, some players use social media to showcase special in-game concerns with the community.

User ‘DevvyREDDIT’ decided to bring a little entertainment to the game’s community by sharing a play that users quickly praised, highlighting they “Can’t remember the last time [they] heard joy and laughter.”

In the video, the OP shared a video while playing with their friends where they use Warzone‘s JOKR Launcher to destroy enemies from afar, imitating how a Mortar Strike would work.

The prevailing sentiment in the OP’s video is the players’ laughter and joy as they use the hilarious secret meta. Naturally, this sense of fun extended to the comments section, where – instead of attacking the players – the community has chosen to show appreciation for the enjoyable situation.

“I like this. These are just bros goofing around having fun,” a user expressed. Another player chimed in, saying, “Too bad we don’t see vids like this more often on the sub.”

A third user joined the conversation pointing out that they “Haven’t heard laughter since the Verdansk days.” Additionally, despite acknowledging this tactic looks “like a lot of fun,” they also consider it an effective counter to the “rooftop camping meta.”

Although rarely, it’s great to see the community enjoying the game, discovering a secret meta and avoiding the never-ending debates about aim assist or “broken” metas.

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