When does Jailbreak happen in Warzone 2?

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Warzone 2’s Jailbreak is one of the biggest in-game events that can occur, and here’s a breakdown of what exactly it is as well as when it can strike in the CoD battle royale title.

With Season 2 Reloaded in full effect, Warzone 2 players are grabbing the best weapons to help them secure victory after the update shook up the meta by bringing buffs and nerfs along with the new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle.

Having the best weapons comes in handy when participating in the numerous in-game events that take place in Warzone 2. One of these events is the Warzone 2 Jailbreak, and here’s everything that you need to know about it.

What is Warzone 2 Jailbreak?

Warzone 2’s Jailbreak allows players who have been eliminated to get redeployed into the match and have another chance of getting a victory for free.

This means that these lucky players will be able to get back into the fight without being bought back or winning in the Gulag. It provides a second chance for players to secure a win after being taken down.

cod warzone 2 players fightingJailbreak lets Warzone 2 players come back to the fight for free.

When Does Jailbreak happen in Warzone 2?

Just like any other in-game event, Jailbreak is completely random in Warzone 2 and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to trigger the event manually.

A very noticeable warning sign will appear on your screen when a Warzone 2 Jailbreak event is about to happen, so you should not have any trouble knowing when fallen players are about to return.

Not every match will have a Jailbreak event take place as the in-game events are completely random. With there being multiple circles taking place in a match, and the last one moving to different locations until a winner is crowned and even splitting at times, players can usually expect to see a Jailbreak occur around the fourth circle if it’s happening at all.

Warzone 2’s Jailbreak can happen anytime in a match.

Considering that this event brings back all eliminated players who are still in the match, even if your entire team is spectating, it is never a bad idea to stick around if you die in the middle of a match, as there is a chance your whole squad could be brought back for another chance of winning.

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