Warzone Mobile players claim latest update is filling lobbies with bots

Aakash Regmi
Warzone Mobile Operators on quad bike

Bots aren’t uncommon in mobile shooters, though it was less of an issue in Warzone Mobile. However, Season 3 saw an influx of bots, and players claiming that it is making the game “boring.”

Warzone Mobile rolled out a major update in Season 3, addressing some of the recurrent issues that were affecting players. It also saw lobbies being filled with bots, and this has players unhappy who feel there is “no reason to play anymore.”

Multiple posts on Reddit are pointing this out, with one user claiming the game has “more bots than real players.”

WZ Mobile did make it clear that there will be occasions where players will experience bots, just for the sake of “optimal matchmaking times,” but the priority will always be real players. Now players are frustrated as bots are visibly more frequent than pre-update.

A Reddit user wrote, “Yeah the game has become too easy, even if controller players were constantly kicking my ass I was enjoying the game before the update. It’s sad for the game.” Another user said, “Yep, people complained about it being too difficult. I prefer facing 116 other real players than facing more bots.”

Many expressed the same issue elsewhere in another discussion as well, as a player wrote, “I loved playing the MP mode, but now there are always 2-3 bots per team.”

As Warzone Mobile continues to receive updates, players hope devs will roll out a fix soon. We will keep you informed in case a solution for this gets released.