Warzone HRM-9 attachment turns SMG into fan-favorite Grau AR

Joseph Pascoulis
hmr-9 smg in warzone firing range

The new Warzone HMR-9 SMG is being compared to a classic AR from the Verdansk days thanks to one specific aspect.

Warzone Season 1 Reloaded has finally arrived, and while the update may have temporarily broken the game, the devs were quick to provide fixes and allow players to enjoy the BR once again.

The new patch introduced a load of new content for BR players, including two new weapons, the HMR-9 and the TAQ Evolvere.

The former can be unlocked through the classified section of the Battle Pass, and now that many in the community have finally got their hands on the SMG, one thing has become clear.

Players have been comparing its iron sights and recoil to the iconic Grau 5.56 from Verdansk, an extremely popular Assault Rifle from the original Warzone.

On X, one player claimed that the “Grau 5.66 from Warzone 1 is back,” as another user said, “equipping a long barrel on the NEW ‘HRM-9’ SMG will give you Iron Sights CLOSE to the ‘Grau 5.56’ from MW19!”

As you can see from the image on the post, which shows the HMR-9 and Grau side by side, both of the guns have similar iron sights. The longer barrel also gives it more damage and bullet range, making the SMG’s profile lean more toward a medium-ranged AR.

Others have also compared the two weapons’ recoil, as historically the Grau was very easy to control, and one player claimed to have created a build with the HMR-9 that replicates this.

“They added the no recoil grau from Warzone 1,” said ‘ynghas_’ on X, revealing the Princeps Long Barrel as the essential attachment for the iron sight, as well as attachments to help the SMG’s recoil control and turn it into more of a medium-ranged weapon.

While many are excited about this, some are more skeptical about the comparison, especially as one is an SMG and the iconic Grau is an Assault Rifle. In the comments, one player said, “It’s not remotely the same.”

That said, many are hopeful that an AR variety of the weapon will come in the future, and that version of the weapon will be more similar to the Grau: “Maybe hrm 5 comes out and it is the grau,” said one user, while another shared a similar sentiment, “HRM 5.56 (Grau) on its way.”

We’ll have to wait and see if that happens, as well as if the HMR-9 manages to sneak its way into the meta for Warzone.

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