Meta Warzone SMG has best iron sights through simple glitch

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 season 4 blackcell operator skin

A new Warzone glitch has been discovered that completely transforms one of the SMGs iron sights and make it extremely easy to see enemies.

The AMR9 has been outshadowed by the dominant Superi 46 in Warzone Season 4, but that could change after the discovery of a glitch that gives the SMG the cleanest iron sights in the game.

You must own the Poisened Caress AMR9 Weapon Blueprint for the glitch to work, as this is the Blueprint that transforms the AMR9’s iron sights.

If you have this or the BlackCell variant of the AMR9 Weapon Blueprint, equip it and put the JAK Atlas Kit on the weapon. Then, remove the JAK Atlas Kit and head into the Firing Range. You’ll now see that the iron sights are extremely clean. Leave the firing range and use our best AMR9 loadout to build out the SMG.

Attachments such as the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider, DR-6 Handstop, and Phantom Grip combine to improve your recoil while also balancing out your mobility so that you retain the AMR9’s slick movement and handling.

As you don’t need an optic thanks to the glitch, we recommend replacing that with the AMR9 Regal Pro Barrel, as this will further increase your mobility and handling. While it does this at the expense of some recoil control, it’s a small reduction that you hardly feel in close-range engagements.

Round the loadout off with the 50 Round Mag, which is more than enough to finish off your enemies and take on multiple Operators at one time.

Even Warzone content creator TheKoreanSavage highlighted the “glitched AMR9” in his June 17 YouTube video, where he described the iron sights as “insane.”

This AMR9 loadout is great for movement, and despite not many of the attachments aiding recoil control, the SMG is still fairly easy to land shots with. That said, it’s built for close-ranged engagements, so keep that in mind when running around with it.

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