Warzone’s fan-favorite OTS 9 meta is back thanks to underrated SMG loadout

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operators firing guns

The OTS 9 was one of the most popular guns in the original Warzone when it was released in the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update, and you can recreate it in the current version of the battle royale.

The OTS 9 quickly became one of the most popular guns in Warzone 1 after being introduced, offering a high fire rate and easy-to-control recoil that destroyed enemies with a rapid close-range TTK.

Now, at the same point in MW3’s lifespan, Warzone Season 4 Reloaded players have discovered a way to recreate the fan-favorite SMG using the HRM-9.

The HRM-9 has a similar profile to the OTS 9, with a fast fire rate, great damage range, clean iron sights, and easy-to-control recoil. While it dropped off after being the meta close-range pick in previous seasons due to balancing tweaks, it looks to rise again after the Superi 46 nerfs.

Popular Warzone streamer tcTekk highlighted the HRM-9 in his July 8 YouTube video, where he also compared it to the iconic OTS 9, sharing his build.

The streamer used attachments like the Thorn-90 Barrel, Monolithic Suppressor, XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop, and 9mm High Grain Rounds, which improve the SMG’s bullet velocity, mobility, and recoil control.

These, along with the 50 Round Drum to top it off, give the HRM-9 that OTS 9 feel, especially once you master the recoil pattern.

The HRM-9 is great at mid-range too, making it even more reminiscent of the OTS 9, which also held its own at distance thanks to its reliable damage.

It’s especially powerful on Rebirth Island, which the OTS 9 used to dominate back in the original Warzone. So, if you’re looking for a new gun following the Superi nerfs, or just want a hit of nostalgia, make sure you give the HRM-9 a go.

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