Iconic Warzone Sniper set to replace meta Kar98k after mid-season nerf

Max Candelarezi

Snipers are what many players choose to dominate long-range fights in Warzone. Despite an incoming mid-season nerf to the fan-favorite Kar98k, an iconic MW2 Sniper Rifle is set to take its place.

Warzone has many weapons for players to choose from, but when it comes to long-range, few options are as useful as Snipers.

Following the return of the Kar98k, players have flocked to the iconic weapon, becoming the most popular weapon even over Assault Rifles and LMGs, mainly due to its incredible damage and useful aim assist, as it is classed as a Marksman Rifle.

However, in a June 13 Reddit post about the Kar98k, the Warzone devs confirmed that “balance adjustments” will arrive with the Season 4 Reloaded update due on June 26, 2024.

This led players to start looking for other options once the Kar nerf finally hits the game, and another option, the FJX Imperium, also known as the classic MW2 Intervention, has become a solid long-range meta option.

In his June 16 video, content creator Swagg also agreed with the FJX Imperium’s potential, stating that given devs “haven’t touched” it, it’s a great substitute for the Kar98k. Additionally, adding the 2009 audio pack transforms it into the OG Intervention version, which veteran CoD players will surely remember.

While Swagg picked a Laser attachment, I decided to maximize range, bullet velocity, and movement by equipping the LR-Retort 29″ Barrel and Sonic Suppressor L Muzzle combo. This will allow you to deal 295 of damage to the head up to 145m, and around 240 to the chest and neck at the same distance, according to TrueGameData.

Then, the .408 Explosive Ammunition further boosts the range, and to compensate for the ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds, I went for the Skull-40 Rear Grip. Lastly, the FJX Blast Bolt lets you recharge faster, perfect for landing shots in quick succession.

No matter what loadout you decide to pick, the Intervention should allow you to cover all distances within Urzikstan and Rebirth Island, and without realizing it, you won’t miss the Kar98k while using this iconic MW2 Sniper.

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