Warzone fans boldly praise The Haunting event as “best COD has ever been”

Max Candelarezi
CoD player inside Warzone's The Haunting event

Warzone fans are relishing the Halloween season in the game with the arrival of The Haunting event, as some praised it as the “best COD has ever been.”

The Haunting returned to Warzone for its third time on October 17, 2023, offering players a ton of Halloween-themed content to dive into, including spooky variations of maps and modes, mysterious Easter eggs, and events featuring lots of free rewards to unlock.

Although living up to the standard of the original 2020 version was never going to be easy, this iteration of the event has attracted the attention of players who are enjoying all the diverse content, praising it as the “best COD has ever been.”

The Haunting event cover featuring Ash Williams, Diablo Lilith and Spawn
Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone’s The Haunting marks the third edition of the Halloween event.

As Halloween draws near, it has become something of a tradition for The Haunting event to make its appearance in CoD titles. The event introduces plenty of spooky-themed content within the game, changing how it plays given the significant alterations to the maps, such as night versions.

Luckily for players, the CoD devs have made sure that the 2023 version of the event is on par with expectations. In a Reddit post, fans have acknowledged their efforts, with one fan noting that “far more effort and work has been put into this one compared to 2020,” comparing it to the initial iteration of the event.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing Warzone, and I was playing since the day Warzone 1 came out… OMG it’s so much fun! Better than any event Wazrone ever had,” expressed the Reddit post author.

Another player chimed in, saying: “It’s a crime this happens once a year. Would be cool if it was on a special rotation at least once a month.” Another user added, “This haunting has been epic the best update by far.”

Delivering an event of this scale is no small feat, but players have expressed their delight with its release, acknowledging the attention to detail, diverse range of content, and the event’s consistent delivery within the game year after year.

Given its tremendous popularity, many players will be eagerly anticipating the possibility of the event returning to Urzikstan next year, with the next big Warzone map for Modern Warfare 3.