MW3 & Warzone event calendar – Season 4 Reloaded schedule

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Warzone events

Each season of MW3 and Warzone brings a ton of themed events that players can hop into to claim free rewards, and Season 4 Reloaded is no different.

However, keeping up to date with all of them can become a challenge. To help you out, here’s a complete calendar so you don’t miss any active or upcoming events in the game.

Active MW3 & Warzone events

EventsEnd date
Vortex Death’s LairJuly 24
Altered StrainJuly 24
Warzone: Mutation Resurgence QuadsJuly 24
Black Ops 6 Woods Operator Pack ChallengeOctober 25

As of July 10, 2024, MW3 and Warzone have four active in-game events that players can tackle.

Linked to MW3 and Warzone’s Mutation modes, the Altered Strain event allows players to collect altered DNA samples from fallen enemies to earn 18 rewards, including effects for the MW3 Mutation mode.

Following a similar theme, Vortex: Death’s Lair offers players 10 rewards by completing a diverse array of challenges in-game.

All events in Warzone & MW3 Season 4 Reloaded

Season 4 Reloaded eventsDates
Vortex: Death’s GripJuly 10 – July 24

Vortex: Death’s Grip marks the return of the Vortex playlist in MW3 multiplayer with the new map, Das Gross, added to the existing roster.

So far, Activision haven’t announced more events after the Vortex-themed Death’s Grip. We’ll be sure to update this piece once new information is revealed.

Recurring events

MW3 Warzone Ghost and Double XP icon
Double XP Weekends are great for leveling up in each game.

Besides the weekly or multi-week events boasting free rewards, MW3 and Warzone host additional events that grant other bonuses for players, like Double XP Weekends. These offer players a boost to level up their weapon, Battle Pass, and rank XP easily.

Despite not working like other in-game events, players can also play MW3 multiplayer for free during the free access trial periods. These usually go live once each season and allow players to try the new seasonal content, several classic modes and maps, as well as full access to MW3’s Zombies mode.

Looking to maximize event progress? Then, be sure to use the best guns, controller, and audio settings to unlock all the event rewards in the game easily.