Modern Warfare 2 The Haunting update patch notes: Map reskins, Soul Capture event, more

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Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode in Haunting eventActivision

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 The Haunting update brings new patch notes to dissect, along with the Halloween event. MW2 players can dive into horror-themed overhauls of maps and modes. Here’s a look at all the MW2 The Haunting content and the full patch notes.

Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10, but Modern Warfare 2 and the current iteration of Warzone have received one last major update with The Haunting.

The final season included a Battle Pass chock-full of horror-themed skins and Blueprints with Skeletor and Ash Williams hitting the Store, and MW2 embraces a horror theme with the mid-season update.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 2 The Haunting update including map and mode reskins, the Soul Capture event, and the patch notes.

The Haunting 2023 MW2 Warzone event roadmapActivision
The Haunting brings plenty of content to MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 The Haunting release date

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 The Haunting update arrived on October 17, 2023, with the update going live at 9 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

The MW2 Season 6 The Haunting update arrives shortly after the Modern Warfare 3 beta period closed, so there’ll be plenty of content to get you to the November 10 launch.

Modern Warfare 2 The Haunting map & mode reskins

El Asilo gets a Día de Muertos overhaul.

To celebrate the spooky season, The Haunting event hits multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2, bringing a Halloween twist to existing maps and modes.

With the Haunting Event, El Asilo celebrates Día de Muertos with the map getting a Day of the Dead reskin: “Other painted and neon skulls decorate the landscape alongside marigolds, candles, and altars that honor lost loved ones.”

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Also, Embassy now takes place at night time after being ravaged by a grisly zombie attack, “leaving structural havoc and corporeal damage in its wake.”

The game modes also got some small adjustments for The Haunting:

  • Haunting Domination: Scarecrows replace the flags in capture zones.
  • Haunting Kill Confirmed/Grind: Skulls replace Dog Tags.
  • Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares: The crates will have jumpscares.
  • Haunting Infected: Infected players will appear as The Haunting-themed Zombies.
Modern Warfare 2’s Embassy has been devastated by a zombie attack.

Soul Capture event arrives in MW2 The Haunting

The Soul Capture event arrives in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone The Haunting, being a Halloween-themed version of Season 3’s Trophy Hunt event.

Whenever a player gets eliminated, they leave behind a Soul, which you’ll have the chance to collect. Players can accumulate these Souls across all game modes, and exchange them for the items displayed in the Events Tab.

Daily Login Rewards in MW2 The Haunting

Daily Login Rewards return in Modern Warfare 2 The Haunting, offering players a “variety of free, limited-time cosmetic items simply by logging into the game as The Haunting progresses.”

Modern Warfare 2 The Haunting update patch notes



Prepare for frightening thrills, the shambling undead, squad hunts to take down grotesque monsters, and those infamous jump-scares as The Haunting returns! The Haunting event brings Halloween-themed Maps, Modes, Events and more across both games.

Available across Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, the Soul Capture Event is an enhanced and fear-inducing variation on the popular Trophy Hunt Event from Season 03. Available across all game modes, any time a Player is eliminated, they leave a Soul behind. Collect these Souls, which are automatically added to your total in all game modes (meaning there’s no need to visit a Buy Station in Call of Duty: Warzone or DMZ this time), and trade them for items shown in the Events Tab.

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Event Rewards:

  • Gone Batty (Weapon Sticker)
  • Skullified (Calling Card)
  • Bit Corny (Charm)
  • Creature Copter (Vehicle Skin)
  • Alien Death Ray (Weapon Blueprint)
  • Join Me (Loading Screen)
  • Bad Luck? (Charm)
  • Carved Up (Weapon Sticker)
  • Violent End (Weapon Blueprint)
  • XP Tokens
  • Tier Skips
  • And more coming throughout The Haunting

As the creeping terror contained within The Haunting infiltrates Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, expect to receive a variety of free, limited-time cosmetic items simply by logging into the game as The Haunting progresses.

Daily Login Rewards:

  • Happy Pumpkin (Charm)
  • Evil Goat (Emblem)
  • Eye Contact (Weapon Sticker)
  • War Snake (Player Card)
  • Triplets, Kinda (Weapon Sticker)
  • Hell’s Army (Loading Screen)
  • Halloween Witch (Weapon Sticker)
  • Nightmare Sweats (Weapon Blueprint)
  • XP Tokens 


SkeletorAsh, and Inarius make their way to The Haunting.

  • Skeletor (October 17)
  • Ash (October 23)
  • Inarius (October 26)


It seems some of your Loadout equipment may have become possessed. Operators are to take additional care when utilizing the following items:

  • Sound Veil Scream (Field Upgrade): For those stepping into the sound wave of the Suppression Mine, prepare for an hallucinatory audio assault as the air fills with the screams of the dead!
  • Decoy Grenade (Tactical): Reports of inhuman and monstrous sounds peppered with gunfire make this more than just an audio hallucination. 


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Player to be kicked to the Main Menu when previewing a Weapon through the Gunsmith
  • Fixed an issue where the Oni Operator Pack had placeholder elements when previewing the bundle
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragonfly Blueprint was not displaying the correct Weapon Skin
  • Fixed an issue where the Super Shotgun could display an incorrect reload animation 
  • Fixed an issue where the Horangi Skin “Death Frame” could have an incorrect appearance 
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect melee sound could be heard when toggling some Optic perspectives on the Bryson 800 and Bryson 890
  • Fixed an issue where changing a Blueprint’s tuning or attachments could remove the base weapon name in the Loadout Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the “Equip to Favorite Loadout” button could lose functionality when the same weapon is equipped in both the Primary and Secondary slots
  • Fixed an issue where spawns on Fight were incorrect in Gunfight Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where the Super Shotgun displayed an incorrect canted laser placement on Black Gold
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Players from navigating menu options correctly from certain inputs in a Private Match
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a large framerate drop when switching between the “All” and “Prestige” tabs in the Calling Card section



Along with changes to Maps, The Haunting also brings Halloween twists to a select number of modes. While the overall objectives may be the same, try not to get scared out of your wits while completing them.

  • Haunting Domination
    • Own all the control points on the map as usual. However, in this version of Domination, expect a Scarecrow to act as a marker for each flag.
  • Haunting Kill Confirmed & Grind
    • Instead of Dog Tags, collect skulls in Grind and Kill Confirmed.
  • Trick or Treat
    • Capture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points for your team, but take care while opening any crates . . .  who knows what might jump out at you!
  • Zombies Infected
    • Zombies swarm to Infected. Players who become infected will appear as The Haunting–themed Zombies. 


The Halloween spirit is alive and well with two Haunting map updates: El Asilo celebrates Día de Muertos, while Embassy becomes the site of a devastating zombie attack.

El Asilo

  • Larger-than-life calaveras stand outside the asylum, looking over the festivities of Día de Muertos. Other painted and neon skulls decorate the landscape alongside marigolds, candles, and altars that honor lost loved ones.


  • Diplomacy has broken down: Conduct an evening operation on Embassy following a gruesome zombie attack. The message “Send Help” hangs suspended from the rooftop, but it’s far too late . . . the zombie attack has already come and gone, leaving structural havoc and corporeal damage in its wake.

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