Warzone Climb and Punishment event trusts players not to shoot each other: How it works

Liam Mackay
Warzone players in Climb and Punishment event

Warzone Season 3 brings the brand-new Climb and Punishment Public Event in the Gulag and it works under the assumption that Call of Duty players won’t kill each other. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Warzone Season 3 arrives on April 3, bringing a host of new weapons, changes, and the return of Rebirth Island. The devs have also confirmed the new Climb and Punishment Public Event will hit the Gulag in both Urzikstan and Vondel and it’s unique in that it requires players to trust each other.

Here’s how Warzone’s new Climb and Punishment Public Event works.

Warzone Climb and Punishment Gulag Public Event explained

Instead of a normal Gulag, the Climb and Punishment event drops two ladders for both Warzone players to use to escape. If you both take the ladder, you both escape. However, how often that’s going to happen remains to be seen.

You’ll still be equipped with guns so after playing countless Gulags and DMZ, if there’s one thing that’s certain, CoD players will try to shoot each other. Why take the risk when you can shoot first and give your K/D a quick boost before escaping?

The devs recommend keeping proximity chat turned on so you can talk it out and try to convince your opponent you can safely escape together. But can you trust them not to shoot you in the back as you climb the ladder? Only time will tell, but remember, the goal of Warzone is to be the last man standing.

The Climb and Punishment event will only be in Battle Royale modes so you won’t see it appear in Rebirth Island – at least at launch.

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