New MW3 attachment brings infamous MW2 2009 meta that could break Season 3

Luca Di Marzo
Wardens AMP MW3

MW3 Season 3 will introduce a whopping eight new Aftermarket Parts over the course of the season, and the Wardens AMP is already causing quite the stir among players who think it could revive a notorious CoD meta.

Modern Warfare 3 features every launch map from the classic Modern Warfare 2 (2009), and with the Season 3 update, players will receive another hit of nostalgia from the classic CoD title.

The Season 3 roadmap revealed the new Aftermarket Parts arriving throughout MW3’s next season, and one immediately caught the attention of players for resembling the notorious Model 1887 Shotgun.

The Wanders Aftermarket Part not only transforms the Lockwood MK2 Marksman Rifle into a Model 1887 lookalike, but it also gives the weapon dual wield functionality, which was a synonymous feature of the original Shotgun in MW2.

The devs explained that players will be able to “relive the glory days,” thanks to the Wanders AMP. Long-time Call of Duty fans will remember that the pre-patch Akimbo Model 1887 was incredibly broken, making it one of the most iconic metas in CoD history.

Now, players on Reddit can’t decide whether revisiting the potentially broken Shotgun meta in MW3 will be a fun experience, or downright brutal: “Bro I’m so ready to get heated about the models again. They are going to be a nostalgic level of tilt.”

Some players were clearly excited following the announcement, with one saying, “Been waiting 15 years for this.” However, others weren’t as thrilled at the prospect: “I’m getting flashbacks I do not like lol.”

While the Wanders won’t completely bring back the original Model 1887, players praised the preview image of the AMP for its authenticity: “Woah I wasn’t too excited for this because I thought it’d still look like the MK2, but that looks incredible. It’s the original modernized MW3 version of the 1887 almost.”

We’ll let you know how to unlock the Wanders AMP once it makes its way to MW3 in Season 3.

In addition, to new Aftermarket Parts, players will have plenty of new weapons to test out following the Season 3 update.

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