MW3 players call for nerf to OP attachment everyone is abusing

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Season 2 JAK Tyrant 762 Kit

With each season, MW3 expands its Aftermarket Parts roster allowing players to further customize their weapons. While some of them were well-received, players are claiming one of Season’s AMP attachments is ruining the fun of the game.

MW3 Season 2 is in full swing and while players wait for the mid-season update, many are gearing up by enjoying all of the content, including new 6v6 maps, new weaponry like the RAM-9 and BP50, and more.

Additionally, Season 2 brought a ton of Aftermarket Parts, which allow players to further customize the game’s weapons, changing how they work or vastly improving certain statistics.

However, the JAK Tyrant 762 Kit Aftermarket Part hasn’t been well received given players think it’s too “broken” and “rocks everything with zero counter.” In a Reddit post, user ‘AK762Slaps’ shared his frustration questioning the AMP, “Are we gonna talk about the longbow Jak tyrant kit?”

The OP followed, “The kit gives you better handling, damage, and iron sights with near zero trade offs. Anyone else see this gun as a problem in mp?” Luckily, a player agreed with the OP stating, “10v10 is unplayable rn cause half of each team is using it.”

The JAK Tyrant 762 Kit for the Longbow in MW3 drastically improves the maximum damage range, damage, aim down sights speed, and allows Tac Stance. Despite the stats displaying several trade-offs, players feel the Conversion Kit is overpowered.

Another user shared their experience, “shooting someone 15 times and dying to them in 2 bullets, this game is plagued with that.” A third user added that the “biggest problem was one shot guns and they somehow made issue even worse.”

“I had a 10v10 game last night where the ENTIRE enemy team used longbow, 10 longbows…. Played a couple minutes and quit,” user ‘JaseSouls’ said. “The thing is ridiculous, desperately in need of a nerf. Feels unfair,” another player added.

It’s uncertain whether SHG will make adjustments to the JAK Tyrant 762 Kit Aftermarket Part in the future. However, players strongly believe that it requires balancing to prevent it from becoming excessively popular and negatively impacting all matches.

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