MW3 players expect major nerf to OP attachment that “shouldn’t exist”

Joseph Pascoulis
player inspecting haymaker in mw3

MW3 players are calling for an OP attachment to be nerfed, as some claim it shouldn’t even be in the game.

MW3 players are continuing to enjoy Season 2, and as we edge closer to the next big update, the community is continuing to find powerful loadouts to run in multiplayer.

While Ranked Play features restrictions that prevent players from running ridiculously powerful weapons, there’s more freedom in casual play, which can sometimes lead to chaos.

This is especially the case with one of the brand-new Aftermarket Parts in the game, the JAK Maglift Kit for the Haymaker Shotgun. This attachment requires players to complete five challenges to unlock it, but it certainly seems worth the grind, as some players are even calling for it to be nerfed.

The JAK Maglift Kit changes the Shotgun’s fire mode so that a shot goes off when the trigger is pulled down, and also when you let go. This allows you to spam the fire button to get a crazy fire rate.

One Reddit post in the MW3 subreddit highlighted this new attachment, sharing a video of it absolutely destroying the enemy team. The player manages to rack up a massive multi-kill without even reloading, showing just how powerful it can be, especially on smaller maps.

This is why the OP feels the MW3 JAK Maglift Kit “should not exist” in Modern Warfare 3, and some in the comments agree that it’s too powerful and at least needs a nerf.

“Enjoy it while you can as I’m sure it’ll be nerfed soon,” said one player, while another commented, “Run into this a few times, while it is a small grind map, I definitely quit out, kinda pointless playing, especially how fast he accumulates kill streaks.”

One user even called it “ridiculous.” However, some argue that “outside of small maps, it’s pretty dogs**t.” Another even said, “It’s a small map. It’s being played properly as a shotgun. The kit is just fine.” Others also feel that it’s the “mag size” that needs a nerf, not necessarily the fire rate.

We’ll have to wait and see what the devs think about this kit and whether or not they will decide to bring any changes to it in MW3 in the future. Until then, be sure to check out everything we know about the Walking Dead event.

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