MW3 Zombies players suggest simple change to fix “pointless” DMZ feature

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator in the zombies lobby screen

MW3 Zombies is a hit, but players feel there are improvements to be made, more specifically to the way in which “pointless” Contraband Weapons work.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has been a huge success so far, but as we edge closer to Season 1, it’s clear that players would like to see some updates and new additions for the mode, especially those who have managed to finish the Story Missions.

Similarly to DMZ, MW3 Zombies requires players to exfil in order to keep their items, as death will result in the loss of all the gear that players are holding in their inventory. This includes the loss of any Contraband Weapons.

While you have an Insured Slot that allows you to use any weapon you have unlocked in MW3, the Contraband Weapons work differently, as you can’t edit them in the Gunsmith and they are permanently lost if you die in-game or leave them behind while in a match.

Contraband Weapons will often have multiple attachments, but some feel the devs need to make one simple tweak to prevent them from being completely “pointless.”

Reddit user ‘Mellow_2JZ’ suggested that the devs should allow Contraband Weapons to keep their “rarity level,” instead of being reset to common every time you exfil.

As MW3 Zombies Contraband Weapons are reset to common rarity no matter what they were in-game, the OP feels this is what makes them “absolutely pointless.” It’s for this reason that the player “never look[s]” in their Contraband Stash at all.

They explain further that “Aether Tools are hard to get,” especially since the “stash is so small,” and so it’s difficult to get your Contraband Weapons back to the rarity they may have been when you previously extracted with them.

The OP believes this will “encourage people to actually use something other than their insured weapon,” and others agree. One comment read, “Yes this is the only thing I wish they’d change…it sucks finding an awesome Legendary weapon in zone 3 and only getting to use it for half an hour.”

Another comment suggested a compromise, as they said, “I wish the Rarity/PaP would go down by 1 tier after successful exfil. That way you can’t infinitely farm with a legendary level 3 PaP weapon but you at least have a reason to use weapons you exfil’d with.”

Zombies will likely get some major changes in the Season 1 update and beyond, so we’ll have to wait if the devs make any changes to the way Contraband Weapons work. For now, check out how to unlock the Bone Collector Operator in MW3.